Self-lubricating Flange Bronze Bushing Self-lubricating Bearing

Product Details

RCB-JDBB Flange bronze bushing with graphite

IMG_4554_副本.jpgBasic characteristics

The flange graphite bronze bushing is made of H62 brass material, and holes of appropriate size and order are arranged on the copper sleeve base, and graphite with lubricating properties is embedded in the holes,the outer ring of the bronze bushing is threaded.

H62 (that is, four or six brass). At room temperature, β phase is much harder than α phase, so it can be used for parts that bear larger loads. α + β two-phase brass can be hot-worked above 600 ℃. α + β two-phase brass microstructure: α is a bright white solid solution, β is an ordered solid solution based on CuZn.

Physical properties


chemical composition


Sum of impurities≤0.5%

Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength (σb/MPa)410~630
Elongation (δ10/%)≥10

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