ALW35T Screw Thrust Washer

Product Details

Basic characteristics

It has a backing made of high-strength coppper alloy with particular  formulation supported by certain angle and density.The solid lubricants inlaid in the bushing are compounded with precision.According to the working condition of the product,combination of different metal substrates and embedded solid lubricants,it can ensure that the product can meet the special needs under various working conditions such as temperature,load,motin and medium,at the same time to ensure stable and reliable work.


Substrate materialLubricantHBMax service temperatureDirection of the load
solid lubrication≥260
300℃radial thrust

Solid Lubricant

FeaturesTypical application



Excellent resistance against chemical attacks and low friction,Temp limit 400℃Suit for general machines and under atmosphere



Lowest in friction and good of water Lucbricant,Temp limit 300℃Suit for water and seawater lubricant,such as ship
Alloy designationCharacteristicApply
CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3High mechanical properties,good casting performance,good bearing capacity and corrosion resistance,a certain degree of resistance to fatigue and wear.High strength, wear resistant parts, such as bridge support plate, nut, screw, wear resistant plate, slider and turbine, etc., general purpose structural parts, ships, instruments used in the form of simple casting, such as sleeve, bushing, bearing bush, slider, etc

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