Slider Copper Wedge Bronze Bushing

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RCB600 slider is one of the main components in the inclined wedge device.The coordinated movement of the slider, the slide seat, and the inclined wedge can change the direction of the force transmission of the press to conform to the stamping direction of the working part of the tool, and reciprocate during the work. In the design of large and medium-sized automobile dies, the inclined wedge device is often used to complete the punching, flanging, trimming, shaping and other processes of the car cover with a three-dimensional curved surface in different directions, thereby simplifying the process, reducing costs, and improving The purpose of efficacy. Slider slides are also important parts in rolling mill equipment. They have been exposed to high-pressure, high-temperature, and corrosive conditions for a long time. The wear and corrosion are serious, which leads to instability of the rolling system, affects the quality of the rolled parts, and weakens the guiding effect. The harsh working conditions not only require the skateboard to have good wear and corrosion resistance, but also require good toughness to absorb impact loads. In order to effectively improve the comprehensive performance of the skateboard and extend the service life. Therefore, a high-hardness Rongchang copper alloy is used, and its tensile strength can reach 750MPa and the hardness can reach HB210 or more.

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