Work In The Composite Bearing Of The Note

Work in the composite bearing of the note
     It is now more and more serious to look at the situation of the machine in operation and to prepare a full view of the machine, with the focus of the composite bearing as it is the most important rotating part of all machines. The condition monitoring is the main part of the prevention Pre - oil - free composite bearing are tested for damage to the composite bearing to avoid equipment downtime during non - program maintenance due to damage to the composite bearing.
In this case, the operator of the machine sliding the composite bearing or the maintenance engineer must be highly alert to the "fault signal" of the composite bearing, such as noise, noise, etc., Temperature and oscillation. "Listening", "touching" and "investigation" are three main elements.
The high temperature often indicates that the composite bearing is already in an abnormal condition and that the high temperature is also detrimental to the smoothing agent in the shaft. The composite bearing overheating can be attributed to the smoothing of the composite bearing. If the composite bearing is operating at a temperature of more than 125 degrees Celsius for a long time , Will lead to high-temperature composite bearing include: smooth lack of or excessive smooth, smooth agent rich in magazines, the load is too large, the composite bearing damage, lack of space, and oil seal the high temperature conflict and so on.
It is therefore necessary to continuously monitor the composite bearing temperature, whether it is measuring the composite bearing itself or other major parts. If the working conditions do not change, any temperature changes may indicate that a fault has been issued.
The timing of the composite bearing temperature can be measured by means of a thermometer to accurately measure the composite bearing temperature and appear in degrees Celsius.
The main composite bearing, meaning that when it is damaged, it will constitute the equipment downtime, so this kind of composite bearing should be installed the best temperature detector.
Under normal circumstances, the composite bearing in the smooth or smooth after the natural temperature will rise and last for one or two days.
If the composite bearing are exceptionally smooth and accurate to remove debris and moisture, indicating that the oil seal should be no wear. However, the best in the open composite bearing box, to visually view the composite bearing and regularly check the oil seal. The bearings are sealed at the bearing to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent hot liquids or corrosive liquids or gases from entering the composite bearing along the axis. The retaining ring and labyrinth seals should be coated with grease to ensure maximum maintenance.
In addition to avoiding the magazines into the composite bearing, the other function is to keep the smooth agent in the composite bearing box. Oil seal if the oil spill should immediately see the oil seal is not damaged or oil plug loose. {HotTag} oil The appearance of the composite bearing may also be due to loose or because the smooth increase in the composition of the mixing agent and the appearance of the oil and oil spill. View active smooth system to ensure accurate increase in the amount of the smoothness of the agent is not discoloration or black , If there is such a representation, generally shows that smoothing agent is rich in magazines.
It is a general practice to use auditory to identify irregularities, such as the use of electronic stethoscopes to see the abnormal noise of a part is experienced by the operator. The composite bearing are declared low if they are in excellent working conditions If you declare a sharp hissing sound, squeaky sound and other irregular sound, generally shows that the composite bearing in a bad work situation.
The sharp creak noise may be due to improper smooth formation. Inappropriate composite bearing voids may also form metallic sound. The dents on the composite bearing outer ring track will cause oscillation and form a smooth and crisp sound. The noise will be accompanied by the unevenness of the composite bearing speed.If there is intermittent noise, it means that the roll may be damaged. This sound is attacked when the damage in the appearance of rolling Expired, composite bearing if there are pollutants often lead to hiss. Severe composite bearing damage will occur irregular and infinite noise.