Why The Bearing Or Housing Needs Before Installing Heating

Install bearing or ring needed for installation with the increase of self-lubricating bearing size increase and grow quickly. Installation requirements, larger bearings are not easy to push on to the shaft or into the housings. Therefore, the bearing or housing or annular workpieces need to be heated prior to installation. Induction bearing heater can be compared with the transformer, it works by more primary turns a copper manufacturer coils and turns of a small number of secondary loading on the same core. Input and output voltage ratio equal to the ratio between the number of turns of the coil, and energy conservation and maintenance free bearing the same. Therefore, secondary coils produce high current at low voltage conditions. For speed bearings induction heater, bearing a short single turn secondary coil in the lower AC voltage under the conditions of high current, resulting in a great deal of heat. Held at room temperature in the heater itself and yoke. Because of this heating method can detect a current, so the bearing is magnetized. Is important to ensure that the bearing after degaussing, the operation does not hold metal magnetic chip.