What Factors Will Affect The Quality Of Copper Castings

There are many factors that affect the quality of copper castings, and the design process of machine tool castings is the key. In order to avoid or reduce the defects such as segregation, deformation and cracking of copper castings, the rationality of the design should be considered in terms of casting alloys and casting process characteristics, that is, obvious size effects, solidification, shrinkage, stress, etc., except according to working conditions and metal materials The characteristics determine the geometry and dimensions of the machine tool castings. There should be a reasonable casting process. According to the structure, weight and size of the casting, the characteristics of the casting alloy and the production conditions, select the appropriate parting surface, modeling and core making method, and rationally set the reinforcement, cold iron, riser and pouring system of the casting. To ensure that castings are obtained. Without the improvement of the quality of machine tool casting, the development of the machine tool equipment manufacturing industry, and the improvement of the overall level, it is impossible to talk about it. It will eventually affect the competitiveness of China's machine tool equipment manufacturing industry in the market, continuously improve the quality of machine tool castings, and ensure machine tool manufacturing Comprehensive improvement of the level.

Copper castings are also closely related to daily life. For example, frequently used door handles, door locks, radiators, water pipes, tin cans, gas cabinets, irons, etc. are all castings. Among them, ordinary sand castings are widely used, accounting for 80% of the total output of castings. Non-ferrous metal castings such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc are mostly die castings.

The weight of copper castings accounts for a large proportion. Many structural parts and main parts are made of castings, which is closely related to the quality and precision of the machine tool. The quality of machine tool castings has a crucial influence on the quality, life and accuracy of machine tools.

The following is the large copper castings recently produced by Rongchang