What Does The Material Of Composite Bearing Have To Do With Performance?

What does the material of composite bearing have to do with performance?

Rolling composite bearing ring and rolling body, one side is repeatedly subjected to high contact pressure, one side carries with the sliding rolling contact. The retaining device, on either side of the ring and the rolling body, or one of its side slides in contact with a pull force and contraction force. Therefore, the information, performance and important request of the composite bearing, the rolling body and the maintenance frame are as follows. The performance of the loop and rolling material request: rolling fatigue strength high hardness and high resistance to friction

Maintenance data request performance: dimensional stability good mechanical strength

In addition, it is necessary to have good processing. Depending on the use, there are also requests for impact resistance, heat resistance and erosion resistance.

Rings and rolling materials: the ring and the rolling body usually use high carbon chromium composite bearing steel. Large local composite bearing, using SUJ2 in JIS steel. Large composite bearing used SUJ3. The chemical composition of SUJ2 has been normalized in the world as a sliding composite bearing. Such as: AISL52100 (us), DIN100Cr6 (west Germany), BS535A99 (UK), etc.

Under the condition of further resistance to impact, as the composite bearing materials, the use of chromium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel, and the hardening of carburizing to make steel have a softening layer from the outside to the proper depth. With proper softening depth, fine organization, appropriate hardness hardness of appearance and the core permeability charcoal composite bearing, than using the composite bearing steel composite bearing has excellent resistance to impact, individual carbon compound with the chemical composition of the steel bearing.

NSK has implemented a vacuum degassing solution, so the information used is of high purity, low oxygen content and good quality. Then the proper heat solution is adopted to make the rolling fatigue life of composite bearing obviously improve.

In addition to the above types of steel, it is also used for high speed steel with excellent heat resistance and good corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

To identify the quality of composite bearing, we usually proceed from the following aspects:

1. Whether the outer packing is clear

In general, normal manufacturer production of brand has its own special foreign packaging designers design, and arrange production with the conditions of the factory production, therefore, the packing of the product no matter from lines and colors should be very clear, unambiguous.

2. Whether the steel seal is clear

Each composite bearing product will have its brand name, label and so on in the composite bearing products. Although the font is very small, but normal manufacturer production printing products are adopted the steel seal technology, and before without overheating treatment of words, so the font although small, but deep concave, very clear. In general, the font of the counterfeit products is not only vague, because the printing technique is rough, the font is floating on the surface, and some can easily be wiped away by hand or the manual trace is serious.

Is there a noise

The left hand holds the composite bearing inside the body, the right hand moves the coat to make it rotate, listen to the composite bearing operation process whether there are noise. Because most of the counterfeit products production conditions, fully manual mill operation, in the process of production of composite bearing body are mixed into the dust and sand kind of impurity, so at the time of composite bearing rotation will appear mixed ring or not smooth phenomenon. This is the key to judging whether a product is coming from a strict production standard and is used by a formal manufacturer of machinery.

4. Whether the surface has murky oil trace

Whether the surface has cloudy oil stain requires special attention when buying imported composite bearings. Due to the current domestic antirust technology, there is still a gap with foreign advanced manufacturing countries, so the antirust processing of composite bearing body is easy to leave a thick oil stains, contact with the hand feeling sticky thick, and on the composite bearings imported from abroad can hardly see any sign of the anti-rust oil. According to industry insiders, especially careful people can smell a special flavor on the imported composite bearing, which is the flavor of anti-rust oil.