What Are The Materials Of Bronze Bushing?

Bronze bushing material:


High hardness, good wear resistance, not easy to bite, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water.

It can be used for wear-resistant parts working under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m / s), such as connecting rods, bushings, bushes, gears, worm gears, etc.


Corrosion resistance, especially for dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids. Structural materials, corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant accessories, crusher bushings, bushes.


Good lubricity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for bimetallic casting materials. Bearings for vehicles, bimetallic bearing bushes of internal combustion engines with a peak load of 100Mpa, as well as piston pin bushes and friction plates.


In the absence of lubricants and water-based lubricants, the sliding and self-lubricating properties are good, easy to cut, poor casting performance, and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid.

Bearings with high surface pressure and lateral pressure can be used to manufacture copper cooling pipes for cold rolling mills, parts with impact resistance up to 50Mpa, bimetallic bearing shells for internal combustion engines, mainly used for piston pin sleeves with a maximum load of 70Mpa, acid-resistant parts.


It has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and good cutting performance. General-purpose structural parts, castings with simple appearance used in ships, instruments, etc., such as sleeves, bushes, bushes, sliders, etc.,