Usage And Classification Of Copper Nuts

Copper nuts have the advantages of not easy to rust, anti-corrosion, easy thermal conductivity and strong electrical conductivity. They are generally used in anti-rust, high temperature, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and other environments, such as faucets, valves, electrical switches, etc. Another main use is injection molding, which is embedded in plastic parts after heating or injection molding directly.


Copper nuts can be divided into three categories according to their uses: machine screws, set screws and special purpose screws.

The machine screw is mainly used for a part that fixes the threaded hole. Screw: It is also a type of fastener composed of a head and a screw.The fastening connection with a part with a through hole does not require nut cooperation (this connection method is called a screw connection, which is also classified as a detachable connection; it can also cooperate with a nut for two through holes Fastening connection between parts. 


Set screws are mainly used to fix the relative orientation between two parts.

Special purpose screws, such as eye bolts, are used for lifting parts. The shape is generally a flat hexagonal column, nut: with internal threaded hole. There are also flat square cylindrical or flat cylindrical, cooperative bolts, studs or machine screws, which are used to fasten and connect two parts, making it a whole.