Type Of Rolling Mill Slider Type Universal Joint Hinge

Slider type universal spindle is a kind of universal spindle, which can transfer large torque under large inclination angle. It is widely used in tube rolling mill, medium plate rolling mill, cold and hot plate rolling mill and profile rolling mill. There are two main forms:

——Open hinge:

There is a long groove on the flat head along the axial direction, which allows the flat head to be assembled and disassembled from the axial direction, so that the rolling mill can change rolls from the axial direction, and the roll shaft head is made into the shape of flat head.

——Closed hinge:

A hole is opened on the flat head, and the flat head, the half moon block and the fork head are connected by a pin. The closing hinge can only be removed from the side (first remove the pin, then take out the flat head together with the slider). Because there is a pin hole on the fork head, the strength of the fork head is greatly weakened.

Quality control of major steel plants In the case that the annual output of medium and heavy plate mill has far exceeded the designed output, the output has been continuously increased. As a result, the rolling load of the mill has increased and the rolling rhythm has accelerated. As a result, the requirements for the copper slider of the slider type universal joint shaft produced by Rongchang bearing in Jiaxing are higher. The copper slider not only bears great pressure, friction and impact load, but also suffers from dust, scale, moisture and high temperature, In such a working environment, it is very difficult to maintain good lubrication of the copper slider, which often leads to poor lubrication and heating phenomenon, and even burning accidents under heavy load, which seriously restricts the smooth progress of production and economic benefits. Therefore, how to ensure that the copper slider has good lubrication conditions and avoid accidents has become an urgent problem. Therefore, the slider type universal joint shaft produced by Jiaxing Rongchang bearing puts forward the updated structural design and oil circuit design,


Its relative sliding surface is less - between the half moon block and the fork boring hole, between the flat head and the half moon block, which improves the service life of the copper slide plate, and can reach 5-6 months.

Advantages - compared with the slider type universal shaft, its major advantages are small wear, high efficiency, large transmission torque, long service life and stable transmission. Where possible, the cross universal joint should be preferred. At present, the cross universal joint has been standardized (jb3241-83, etc.)