Type Analysis Of Bimetal Bearing

Type analysis of bimetal bearing

Bimetallic bearing was part of the bimetallic bearing and shaft contact, very smooth, the common bronze, anti-friction alloy wear-resistant materials, such as under special circumstances, can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also known as "bushing", the shape is a semi-cylindrical surface.

There are many types of bimetal bearing:

The direction of the load can be divided into two types: radial (centripetal) bearing and thrust (axial) bimetal bearing.

The type of lubricant can be divided into lubricating oil bearing, grease lubrication bearing, water-lubricated bearing, gas bearing, solid lubrication bearing, magnetic fluid bearing and electromagnetic bearing 7.

The lubricating film thickness can be divided into thin film lubrication bearing and thick film lubrication bearing.

The bearing material can be divided into bronze bearing, cast iron bearing, plastic bearing, jewel bearing, powder metallurgy bearing, self-lubricating bearing and oil bearing.

The bearing structure can be divided into round bearing, elliptical bearing, three-oil leaf bearing, step bearing, tilting tile bearing and foil bearing.

Bearings that work under rolling friction. The rolling bearing is easy to maintain, reliable working, good starting performance and high carrying capacity at medium speed. Compared with bimetal bearing, the radial dimension of rolling bearing is larger, less vibration damping capacity, low life time and loud noise. The centripetal bearing (mainly bearing radial force) in rolling bearing is usually composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and rolling body. The inner ring is tightly mounted on the shaft neck and rotated with the shaft, and the outer ring is mounted in the bearing hole. The inner circle of the inner circle and the inner circle of the inner circle are rolled. When the inner and outer circles are relatively rotations, the rolling body rolls in the outer ring, which is separated from the cage to avoid friction. Thrust bearing is divided into two parts: compact ring and loop. The tight ring and sleeve are tight and the ring is supported on the bearing seat. The ring and rolling body are usually made of rolling bearing steel with high strength and wear resistance. The hardness of the surface after quenching should reach HRC60 ~ 65. It can also be made by using copper alloy, or plastic, etc.

1 bimetal bearing manual lubricating oil

It is the most primitive method to supply oil with a oiler when the lubricating oil of bimetal bearings is found to be insufficient. This method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil, and it is very dangerous to forget to refuel because of negligence. It is usually used only for light, low-speed, or intermittent movements. It is better to set the dust cap or ball valve on the filling hole and use the wool felt, cotton and wool as the filtration device.

2 drip lubrication

From the container through the hole, the needle, the valve and so on the supply is the lubricating oil, the most classic is the oil oil cup. The drop oil amount varies significantly with the oil viscosity, bearing clearance and oil supply hole position. Light load and middle bearing bearing used for circular speed of less than 4 ~ 5m/s.

3 ring lubrication

It can only be used to lubricate the horizontal axis. The oil of the oil pool is brought to the bearing by a ring which is mounted on the shaft and can be rotated. Suitable for medium-speed and high-speed bearing with axial diameter greater than 50mm. bimetal bearing The oil ring is best to be seamless, with a diameter ratio of less than 2, it can only use one oil ring, otherwise two oil rings are required.

4-wick lubrication

The capillary action and siphoning effect of the oil string are used to guide the lubricating oil of the oil cup into the bearing,bimetal bearing which is used for the light load and middle bearing of the circumference velocity less than 4 ~ 5m/s. The oil string also has a filtration effect.

5 oil pad lubrication

Using the capillary action of the oil cushion, the oil in the oil tank is applied to the axial surface. This method can keep the friction surface clean, but the dust can also plug the pores and cause the oil shortage. Oil pad lubricates only 1/20 of oil lubrication.

6 bimetal bearing oil bath lubrication

Dip part of the bearing into lubrication in the lubricant. This method is often used for shaft thrust bearings, but not for horizontal shaft bearings.

7 bimetal bearing splash bearing

A lubricating oil supply bearing that is splattered with a swivel in the tank, suitable for a high speed bearing.

8 spray lubrication

Lubricating oil atomization spray on friction surface is suitable for high-speed bearing.

Lubrication of pressure supply

By lubricating oil pump pressure to bimetal bearing, will flow from the bearing lubricating oil recycling into the oil pool to use cycle, is the largest oil, and the most stable lubrication method, suitable for high speed and overloaded, important bimetallic bearing.