The Working Principle Of Composite Bearing And Its Advantage

The working principle of composite bearing and its advantage

The development of technology has led to the continuous upgrading of related industrial equipment, and a great progress in bearings is made from the development of self-lubricating bearings, which marks the further development of bearing technology. Composite bearing is development is arranged on the surface of the bearing substrate metal friction composite bearing bushing order appropriate to the size of the cavity, and embedded set of mos2 and graphite etc self-lubrication steel composite self-lubricating block set on the metal sleeve, composite bearing, made of solid lubricant friction area of 25-65%.

Solid self-lubricating block can work normally under the high temperature of 280 ℃. But bronze base bearing because of its low mechanical strength and bearing capacity is weak, easy to deformation, it is embedded in the metal hole groove can inhibit the shortcomings, to form the metal parts load-bearing role, self-lubricating block lubrication. The lubricating mechanism of the composite bearing is in the process of shaft and the set of sliding friction, part of the self-lubricating materials transferred to the axis of the metal surface, fill tiny is not flat, and formed a relatively stable layer of solid lubricating film, solid lubrication film between the grinding, prevent shaft and set of adhesive wear.

The rationality of the combination of a combination of copper alloy and non-metallic antifriction materials of their complementary advantages, particularly suited to oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, corrosion resistant, strong radiation in the environment movement, and in the water or other solution infiltration and cannot add grease used under special working conditions.

The composite bearing (sf-1) is a novel lubricated bearing with characteristics of both metal bearing and oil-free lubricated bearing, which is subjected to load by the metal matrix and lubricates the solid lubricating material of special formula.

The concept of composite bearing

Composite bearings with high load capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating ability and other characteristics, special oil-free composite bushing don't apply to the overloading, low-speed, reciprocating sliding composite bearing dynamic lubrication hard or pendulum and the occasion of the oil film formation, not afraid of the water slide and other acid etching and composite bearing. Inlaid bearing not only oil, energy, but also the use life is longer than normal bearing.

Installation of composite bearings

1. Whether there is dust or molding sand attached to the surface of the bearing shell.

2. In order to avoid the collision, the surface of the shaft and shaft should be used with a small amount of lubricating oil.

3. Although it is a slight bump and bump, if you want to remove it with oil or fine sandpaper.

4. The retaining and sealing plates of composite bearings are also absolutely non - able.

5. Determine whether the shaft, shaft, and the mating surfaces of the shaft are bumped, protruding, etc.

6. The hardness of the bearing is reduced by overheating, so it must not exceed 100 degrees.

3. Application scope of composite bearing

Now composite bearing has been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machine, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbine, water turbine, injection molding machine and equipment production line.