The Rapid Development Of Oilless Bearing

The rapid development of oilless bearing
oilless bearing as all kinds of mechanical and electrical products supporting and maintenance of the important mechanical parts, to adapt to the requirements of modern mechanical work performance and long life and easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in various areas of the national economy. With the power tool industry gradually pick up, oilless bearing as an important component, driven by domestic and foreign markets, the entire industry sales have gradually shown a good upward trend.
Lead to short-term use of oilless bearing on what is the reason for damage? The following let the Shanghai Qiongda sliding oilless bearing factory Zhang and we talk about:
   Customers can also judge from the following four aspects:
   1, poor lubrication (about 50%)
According to the survey, poor lubrication is caused by oil-less bearing one of the main reasons for premature damage. The main reasons include: not timely filling lubricants or lubricants; lubricants or lubricants are not filled in place; improper selection of lubricants or lubricants; lubrication is not correct and so on.
Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricant, using the correct lubrication filling method.
   2, fatigue (about 34%)
Fatigue damage is a common damage to oilless bearing. Common causes of fatigue damage may be: oil-free long-term overload operation; not timely maintenance; improper maintenance; equipment aging.
Recommendation: Select the appropriate type of oilless bearing, regular and timely replacement of oilless bearing.
    3, improper installation (about 16%)
(1) the use of brute force when installed, with a hammer directly hit the oilless bearing on the oilless bearing the greatest damage; is the main cause of deformation.
(2) the installation is not in place, installed with no deviation or installed in the oilless bearing position, resulting in oilless bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer ring is not in the same rotation center, resulting in different heart.
Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional oilless bearing installation tool, the installation is complete with a special instrument to detect.
4, pollution (about 14%)
Pollution will lead to premature damage to oilless bearing, pollution is dust, metal chips into the oilless bearing inside. The main reasons include: open before the use of oilless bearing packaging, resulting in pollution; installation of the working environment is not clean, resulting in pollution; oilless bearing working environment is not clean, working media pollution.
Recommendation: Before use, it is best not to open the oilless bearing packaging; installation to keep the installation environment clean, to use the oilless bearing to be cleaned; enhanced oilless bearing seal.
These are the most common causes of early damage to oilless bearing, of course, cause oil-bearing early damage to the reasons for many reasons, and sometimes may be a comprehensive reason. But if the oilless bearing in the use of the above four aspects can be completely correct, then the oilless bearing can still work very often time.