The Production Process Of Copper Sleeve

The production process of copper sleeve

  steel bushing Copper sleeve bushing application and carbothermal reduction method to produce beryllium - beryllium oxide, beryllium copper alloy in the molten copper sleeve, carbon reduction, and then copper alloying elements. To use the carbothermal reduction of the beryllium-copper alloy industry, the arc furnace is placed in a sealed container, the operator wears a protective mask, 10% -13 of the first beryllium oxide% and 3% of the ball mill Toner mixed with ground and then a layer of copper, a layer of beryllium oxide and toner loaded with electric arc furnace to melt the mixture, melting the stirring power to reach 200 degrees Celsius oven temperature failure. Cooled to 950 ° C - 1000 ° C, the name of the alloy burned beryllium, carbon, residual powder float, slag, then baked, poured into 950 ° C, at 2.25 kg 5 kg of ingot.

  The copper beryllium alloy smelting, including a new metal, scrap, auxiliary raw materials and alloy remelting. Total beryllium beryllium - copper alloy (4% beryllium); new metal nickel (Ni), that is, electrolytic nickel, nickel, but the best use? Copper cobalt alloy (containing 15% titanium, 27.4% of people), cobalt and copper alloy (cobalt and cobalt alloy) Titanium, magnesium, magnesium-copper alloy (magnesium 35.7%). The handling of foreign matter (chips, dust, cuts, etc.) and smaller waste, usually remel the ingot in the melt again; the remelting material of the remelting material is usually added to some of the casting waste and the waste is directly into the oven.

  steel bushing To non-vacuum and vacuum cracked billet beryllium copper alloy ingots. The current use of copper beryllium alloy ingots, non-vacuum tools, including tilted iron, ingots, semi-continuous ingots and continuous ingots of the actual production. The first two methods are used to make small factories. Experts say that in low capacity, isolated, and not even, compact, beryllium copper alloy crystal structure, is the best way to get mixed smelting and vacuum vacuum bar. Vacuum blocks of the method, such as beryllium easy oxidation elements, titanium content has a significant effect, if necessary, can be in the inert protective gas.

  (800 degrees Celsius and -900 degrees Celsius) - Hot-Cold Rolling - Water Quenching - Milling - Cold Rolling - Skimmed Milk - Solution - Acid Wash - passivation.

  Classification and Performance Analysis of Copper Bushings

  Copper sets of bushings without oil lubrication or less oil lubrication, in the local can not or difficult to apply to the use of fuel without maintenance or less maintenance refueling.

  Copper sleeve bushing Good wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, long service life.

  Copper sleeve bushings The appropriate amount of elasto-plastic, able to distribute stress extensively to support the surface to enhance bearing bearing capacity

  In order to eliminate the copper sleeve static and dynamic friction similar to the low speed crawling coefficient in order to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical work.

  Make copper sets of bushing machines to reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, and improve working conditions.

  In the course of the operation can form a lubricating film to protect the role of the grinding shaft, no bite phenomenon.

  steel bushing For the requirements of low hardness grinding shafts, the dry aging treatment can be used in the case, so the processing of parts related to the difficulties

  Slim body, light weight, reduce the mechanical volume.

  Steel on the back, coated with a variety of metal corrosive media is widely used in a variety of mechanical moving parts, such as: printing machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, micro-motor, automobiles, motorcycles and agricultural machinery and forestry.