The Maintenance Method Of The Composite Bearing Life Extension

The maintenance method of the composite bearing life extension

The composite bearing is based on the tension to ensure the possible normal conditions, driving the shaft, and the results of the extended life.

We should have the following details:

1. Ensure the delicate balance between the two ears of the transmission composite bearing moving balance. The new transmission shaft assembly, the new drive shaft load should be in the mark extension device details, please ensure that the flange fork is in a plane. Remove drive shaft to maintain, composite bearing print in telescopic sleeve and flange shaft device sign, reconnect to original relationship solid.

2, not automatically at the top.

3. Meng, the elevator is forbidden to step on the clutch pedal.

4. Motor overload, no speeding.

5 representation, usually because the spider composite bearing grease, seasonal variation, the use of grease or similar, should be injected into the third summer, lithium base grease, lithium grease, into two in the winter.

6. You should always check the fastening shaft and hanger environment and support the rubber rests. The joints that drive the axial deformation are loose and open.

In 7 countries, you should always check the transmission axis. composite bearing reflects the special environment in this respect, all aspects of the situation in this area are positive change, to this day maintenance function is to take care of the expression changes of regional situation.

composite bearing products are steel matrix, intermediate porous bronze powder sintering, ptfe surface rolling pressure [ptfe] and mixture lead. It has low friction coefficient, wear and corrosion. The characteristics of oil-free self-lubrication, long service life, use it to cut costs, reduce noise, prevent adhesion and slip. Widely used in various kinds of printing machinery, textile machinery, hydraulic truck, composite bearing tobacco machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other mechanical components, exercise machines, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles and so on.

Base metal Mosaic solid self-lubricating composite bearing: has the characteristics of both the metal composite bearing the characteristics of the novel and self-lubricating composite bearing lubrication composite bearing made of metal base plate load, solid lubricating materials special lubricant. It has a high load bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, self-lubricating performance, etc.

composite bearing is a kind of metal composite bearing characteristic and novel characteristic Oilless composite bearing lubricated bearing, made of metal substrate loading, solid lubrication material special lubricants. It has high bearing capacity, high impact resistance, high temperature resistance, self-lubrication properties such as ability, especially suitable for overloading, low speed, reciprocating or swing, difficult to form, such as lubrication and oil film is not afraid of water, and other acid etching and washing. Customers generally reflect embedded composite bearing not only energy saving, building energy saving, its service life longer than ordinary sliding composite bearing. Products are widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machine, in line rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbine, water turbine, injection molding machine and equipment.

composite bearing advantage as we all know, all mechanical operation smooth must have certain influence.

composite bearing rolling composite bearing and sliding composite bearing can be divided into two categories. Because of high load, certain sports mode and strict temperature, the oil supply is insufficient to maintain the sliding composite bearing of inappropriate foreign body, and the combustion behavior takes place. The composite bearing of our company is also resistant to wear and burn composite bearing performance and realize the high performance of the target and maintenance of the machine.