The Function And Maintenance Of Automotive Clutch Release Bearing

Clutch release bearings installed between the clutches within the transmission, loose bearing in the transmission first shaft bearing cap on the extension tube, by return spring bearing the separated shoulder is always against the self-lubricating graphite copper release fork, and would be returned to the last position, maintained with the release lever 2. 5mm clearance. Due to clutch device plate, and separation lever car bearing and engine crankshaft synchronization running, and separation fork only along clutch device output axis axis to mobile, directly with separation fork to dial separation lever apparently is no of, through separation bearing can makes separation lever side rotating a edge clutch device output axis axis to mobile, to guarantee has clutch device can joint smooth, separation soft, reduced wear, extended clutch device and the whole drive Department of using life. Tensioner pulley is a wearing parts of automobiles, spare parts, used to adjust the tightness of a timing belt clutch bearing, timing belt changed, belts a long time easier to stretch. Tensioner pulley can automatically adjust the tension of the belt, tensioner belt running more smoothly, low noise and prevents slipping.