The Economic Scale Of Rongchang Bearing Has Obviously Expanded, And The Quality Of Development Has Steadily Improved

Rongchang Bearing and changed the company name "Jiashan Rongchang Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd." to "Jiaxing Rongchang Bearing Co., Ltd." on March 23, 2020,change from county to city,this means that the company is growing, the scale is growing, and the business volume is increasing,the company has unlimited prospects.

Therefore, due to the development and expansion of business needs, the existing workshop production workshop and storage space are not enough, and a new production workshop needs to be built on the basis of the original workshop to be used as a production workshop and storage.

All materials for the construction of the plant were collected on April 17 and construction began on April 20.



The company has such achievements that cannot be separated from every employee of the company. Hope that everyone will continue to advance and retreat with the company in the future, grow together, unite and provide customers with better quality services.


Jiaxing Rongchang Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is an entity enterprise specialized in manufacturing copper sleeves, graphite copper sleeves, and self-lubricating bearings. The main supporting industries for various products include automobiles, motorcycles, various types of hydraulic machinery, metallurgical machinery, forging machinery, oilfield machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, power facilities, etc. Sufficient engineering and technical personnel and skilled worker reserves, meticulous quality awareness, effective management foundation, sophisticated production equipment and the integrity management concept of "being a good person first, then doing business" and strong financial strength constitute the company's broad development space .