Textile Summary Treatment Of Sealed Bearings

New spinning due to the dust, heat and high speed you want, using a large number of sealed bearings. They run after a certain period, bronze bushings for internal lack of oil, resulting in dry grinding of bearing damage. Such as spinning on the import of seal bearings, quantity, the material is good, but after a number of years, due to cleaning and relubrication, sealed bearing a large number of damaged scrap, increases equipment failures and unnecessary expenses.

Describes two methods for easy and effective cleaning and refueling. First bearings manufacturer refueling tube cleaning method applies to sealed bearing bearing housing clearances at both ends. Its method is to remove the bearings a 2H soaked in kerosene, 1 h, and then based on the outside diameter of the bearing size, making special sleeve, both cleaning and refueling. Sleeve diameter slightly greater than 0.05 mm~0.08 mm outer diameter of the bearing, bearing a little lighter. Cheer cleaning steps