Steel Bushing How To Repair And Maintain

steel bushing how to repair and maintain
steel bushing has the advantages of anti-fatigue performance and anti-aging. At present, it has a wide range of applications for oil-free sliders. It is mainly used in machinery industry. The most common is automobile and motorcycle industry. steel bushing belongs to vehicle parts and components The
    steel bushing can make the frame and the body of the copper-based ball retaining ring vibration speed slowed down. steel bushing in the process of using the car is vulnerable, so we usually use the process, to do maintenance and maintenance, the first is to understand how to detect steel bushing whether there is a problem.
First, you can use the car for testing, such as looking for a self-lubricating composite bushing safe no one area, pull down the bumper, and then release the hands, if the car will appear two or three jump, then it shows no problem.
Second, when the car slowly driving time, suddenly to emergency braking, if the car is very powerful shock, then said steel bushing or shock absorber problems, and need to check whether the bad.
Third, you can see whether the steel bushing oil spill, if there is, may be loose nuts, need to be adjusted.
Fourth, choose the more rugged road above the driving ten kilometers, and then stop, touch steel bushing whether the heat, how hot enough, that steel bushing no work, there is a problem.
Fifth, usually to regularly detect steel bushing and steel bushing near the parts of the existence of loose, whether the deformity and so on. If there is a problem must be timely embroidered, or will affect the use of cars or motorcycles, thereby reducing the life of the car.
 steel bushing parts are one of the typical parts that are often encountered in machines. Its mold guide sleeve is mainly used to support the transmission parts, transmission torque and bear the load. steel bushing parts are rotating parts, whose length is greater than the diameter, usually by the concentric shaft of the outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, the hole and thread and the corresponding end of the composition. Depending on the shape of the structure, the steel bushing part can be divided into optical axis, step shaft, hollow shaft and crankshaft. The axis of the shaft is smaller than 5, called the minor axis, more than 20 is called the slender shaft, and most of the shaft is between the two. Shaft bearing support, with the bearing with the shaft section called the journal. The journal is the assembly base of the shaft, and their precision bushings and surface quality are generally required, and their technical requirements are generally based on the main functions of the shaft and the working conditions.
The main requirements are as follows:
a. dimensional accuracy than the average size of parts of the high precision requirements. steel bushing parts support the accuracy of the highest requirements for the IT5 ~ IT7; with the journal's dimensional accuracy requirements can be lower for the IT6 ~ IT9.
b. high shape accuracy.
c. High position accuracy, the general axis of the radial runout of 0.01 to 0.03, high precision shaft is 0.001 ~ 0.005.
d. The surface roughness is higher than that of ordinary parts. The surface roughness Ra of the bearing journal and the important surface is often 0.1 ~ 0.8um, and the surface roughness Ra of the journal and secondary surface is 0.8 ~ 3.2um.
steel bushing parts commonly used materials are 45 steel, 40Cr alloy steel, bearing steel GCr15 and spring steel 65Mn, there are 20CrMoTi, 20Mn2B, 20Cr and so on. steel bushing parts The most commonly used blanks are bar and forgings, with only large or structurally complex shafts, which are cast when quality is allowed. As the blank after forging, can make the metal within the fiber tissue along the surface evenly distributed, can get a higher tensile, bending and torsional strength. So in addition to the optical axis, the diameter difference between the steps of the shaft can be used hot-rolled bar or cold-drawn bar material, the more important axles are generally used forging. The blanks of the steel bushing parts also need to be heat treated.