Rongchang's Fire Safety Education

Today, Rongchang conducted fire safety education for employees on the five basic points of firefighting basic knowledge, the main causes of fire, fire prevention, fire handling procedures and how to save themselves in case of fire.


Ⅰ.Firefighting basic knowledge

1. The basic policy of the company's fire protection work: "prevention first, combination of prevention and elimination". 

2. Purpose of fire fighting work of the company:

A. Everyone must abide by the fire protection regulations;

B. Take care of firefighting facilities and equipment, and learn to use fire extinguishers;

C. Put fire fighting work and production at the same important position; 

D. Strengthen fire consciousness and stay vigilant at all times;

E. Prevention first. 

3. The basic principle of fire protection: "Who is in charge, who is responsible".

4. "Two meetings and one knowledge". That is, in the event of a fire hazard, each employee will use fire extinguishing equipment, will escape to save himself, and know the fire alarm number.

Ⅱ.The main causes of fire

1. Electrical equipment caused a fire.

2. Smoking casually, throwing cigarette butts or match sticks is also the main cause of the fire.

3. In the event of a power failure, use candle lighting to ignore safety, ignite combustible materials or use open flames to find things and cause a fire.

4. Improper use of gas and gas appliances can cause fire.

5. Illegal use of electric and gas welding, sparks fall on combustibles and cause fire.


Ⅲ.Fire prevention

1. Keep the fire exits clear and the fire doors cannot be locked. Employees must remember the safe exits and safe exits of workshops and dormitories.

2. Don't pull the wires randomly, check the circuit frequently, and replace it when problems are found.

3. Take good care of firefighting facilities, such as fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire sandboxes, and fire ponds must ensure that there is sufficient water storage.

Ⅳ.Fire handling procedures 

(1) Alarm; (2) Evacuation, rescue, fire fighting; (3) Safety alert and protection; (4) Remedial treatment.

The basic method of fire extinguishing:

(1) Cooling fire extinguishing method. 

(2) Isolation fire extinguishing method. 

(3) Asphyxiation fire extinguishing method.

Ⅴ.How to save themselves in case of fire

1.Once threatened by fire, do not panic, calmly determine your location, judge the fire according to the surrounding smoke, fire light, temperature and other analysis, and do not blindly take action.

2.In a building that is on fire, you should take the stairs through the fire escape to escape.

3.When escaping from the fire, take protective measures as much as possible, such as covering your mouth and nose with a wet towel, and covering your body with wet clothing. In the smoke, you can take a low posture to escape and escape along the wall to avoid losing your direction.

4.When a fire occurs, it usually produces toxic and harmful gases to the human body, so to prevent poisonous smoke.

5.If you can not escape the fire, go to the window or rooftop to call for help, waiting for rescue.