Rongchang Delivered Another Batch Of Spherical Plain Bearing

The spherical plain bearing is a spherical sliding bearing. Its sliding contact surface is an inner spherical surface and an outer spherical surface. It can rotate and swing at any angle during movement. It adopts various special processes such as surface phosphating, frying, padding, spraying Method. The spherical plain bearing has the characteristics of large load capacity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-aligning and good lubrication.

The customer requires assembly and delivery. After the steel sleeve and the copper sleeve are produced, the Rongchang bearing technicians guide the assembly personnel to assemble and ship the box.


The assembler first opens the steel rings on both sides of the steel sleeve


What it looks like after opening the steel ring


Then install the copper alloy spherical bearing inside


Tighten the steel rings on both sides


Wipe the assembled spherical plain bearing


Finally packaged, packed and shipped