Rongchang Bearing Company Name Change Notice

The change of company name refers to the change of the name of the company's establishment registration. The change of the company name is not carried out at random. It is the same as the establishment of the registered company. It is also necessary to submit certain materials and follow the prescribed process.In accordance with the prescribed process.

Rongchang Bearing carried out the following process to change the company name.

The company must first fill in the approval review form for the company name change, and then our company convenes a general meeting of shareholders,according to the opinions of various shareholders, the company ’s new name is agreed. When making changes, a copy of the company ’s business license and its copy, as well as a copy of the agent ’s ID card must be provided.

The second step is to get the application form for enterprise change registration, after which the Bureau of Industry and Commerce starts to accept and issue the business license. Before the issuance, our company provides the application form for enterprise change registration with company seal and the designated representative or co-authorized agent. Proof, the company name change notice, and a copy of the company ’s business license.


After that, the company can prepare a new official seal for the next step and change the organization code certificate.Finally, Jiashan Rongchang Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as Jiaxing Rongchang Bearing Co., Ltd.