Repair And Treatment Of Bearing Seat Wear

As the most common problem with bearing seat, wear and tear of bearing seat often occurs.

Repair method

The traditional method generally uses post-surfacing machining to repair, and the surfacing will make the surface of the component reach a high temperature, causing the component to deform or crack, and obtaining the size through machining causes the downtime to be greatly extended. The use of polymer composite materials for on-site repair has no heat effect and unlimited repair thickness. The wear resistance of the product and the concession of the metal material do not ensure the repair and repair of the repair parts. Impact shock to avoid the possibility of wear. On-site repair to avoid machining methods.


Repair process

Generally only four steps are required:

1. Surface treatment, it will be necessary to repair the bearing housing surface to remove oil and moisture;

2. Harmonize the repair materials;

3. Apply the material, evenly apply the material to the repaired part of the bearing seat, and fill it firmly;

4. Wait for the material to solidify, you can properly heat the surface of the material to accelerate the material curing.


The general bearing seat wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours, the operation is simple and easy to learn, no special equipment and special training are required, and it saves time and effort compared with laser welding and cold welding technologies. The cost is only 1 / 5- of the general repair cost 1/10, on-site repairs have reduced equipment maintenance time and transportation costs.