RCB-650 Graphite Copper Sleeve Bearing Applications

RCB-650 Its working principle is to use its own process of oil absorption and oil discharge to 
achieve the principle of self-lubrication

Ⅰ.Agricultural machinery and food machinery

Tractors, combine harvesters, baler (hay, straw, etc.); baler, meat processing equipment, potato harvester, sprayer, grain dryer, planting equipment, brewing equipment, etc


Ⅱ.Auto industry

Typical applications in this industry include: throttle, brake, clutch pedal, mirror adjustment mechanism, wiper, window lift mechanism, sunroof mechanism, joystick, seat belt tensioning mechanism, seat adjustment mechanism, shock absorber, Engine shock absorption, carburetor, door hinge, luggage compartment, hood hinge, horizontal tie rod and ball head, throttle, steering rod, steering device, etc


Ⅲ.Household appliances, commercial appliances, hospital equipment

Air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, sewing machines, washing machines, refrigerators, copiers, printers, scanners, mail processing systems, letter sorting devices, dental equipment, X-ray equipment, operating tables, etc.


Ⅳ.Hydraulic industry

Gear pumps, water pumps, piston pumps, ball valves, butterfly valves, mixing valves, control valves, reciprocating air compressors, hydraulic brakes, centrifugal compressors, hydraulic cylinders, etc.


Ⅴ.Construction machinery, machinery industry

Excavator, hydraulic lift, concrete mixer, forklift truck, hydraulic cylinder, belt tensioner, crane, mortar truck, pallet forklift, pneumatic lift, bulldozer, escalator, automatic walkway, heavy trailer, Liquid infusion equipment, lateral loaders, etc.


Ⅵ.Other applications

Bicycles, motorcycles, tools, steaming machines, reciprocating saws, pile cutting machines, textile machines, knitting machines, button machines, packaging systems, nailing machinery, glass manufacturing equipment, etc.