Processing Technology And Characteristics Of Brass Nut

In common parts´╝îbrass nut is using the most frequent one of the most widely used. Its main using is to use the fastening connection pipeline engineering may cohesion between all kinds of equipment accessories!


The copper nut with low cost and low accuracy can be machined by lathe. But the defect of copper turbine is unstable, with low accuracy, but low cost. The second technical wear-resisting block is active use lathe processing copper nut, before production according to the different copper nut good active car CAM design, let the CAM track to ensure the accuracy of the copper nut shapes and sizes, more precision, high power, capital copper nut is low; The third kind of the processing technology of copper nut: choose CNC numerical control lathe processing copper nut, this is typically on the copper nut general outer diameter of the outer diameter is larger in more than 20 mm copper nut most choose the numerical control lathe processing, CNC lathe processing is divided into two kinds, one is of high precision CNC numerical control, a small CNC each have advantages.


Characteristics of brass nut:

1. Because of its use of the use of a variety copper nut has different shape. When choosing copper nut are generally choose the most appropriate to a fastening device link maybe engineering products!

2. The nut fastness of the copper nut is good, and generally holds a certain gap device.

3.The raw material of the copper nut is usually brass, because the excellent performance of the copper raw material makes the copper nut very popular!

4.The thread of brass nut is inside, generally not simply met with bad.

5. The structure of brass nut is reasonable and the remaining variety is suitable for all kinds of water heating engineering.