The Primary Characteristics And Use Of Plastic Alloy Skateboards

Product use

First, supply first-class products for your project,special for bridge translation l, top bulldozed SOB graphite copper set of moving over the ground have to stop, obstacles and self-lubricating plate intervals between two bridge. The translation of the bridge, the moving of the ship, the shift of the side bridge, the translation of the rig way and the translation of the subway station, provide a better product for the translation of more large weights.


Product features

One of the engineering plastics alloy sliding block, with injection molding machine copper bushing of different monomer copolymerization based polymer, lit by nylon especially the composition of the skills and has a homogeneous polymer, characteristics low friction coefficient, with poor self-lubricating free maintenance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, large bearing capacity, anti-aging and so on .Use of rare earth modified nano materials and various additives, through especially the composition of the skills and homogeneous polymer, product working face in the three states (dry, water, oil) under the condition of small friction coefficient, and dynamic friction coefficient difference is small, the state information in the field, electric field, chemical plants) under the action of the mechanical properties of stability.

Product advantages

One of the engineering plastics alloy plate, the materials used in bearing pad dock gate and pier anticollision board, data low friction coefficient, adjacent to the dynamic friction coefficient, can be used for large heavy translation skateboards, because the MGE slide block has excellent flexibility and impact resistance, can eliminate the influence of orbit uneven constitute some brings eachkind of harm of high pressure, due to the particularly suited for bridge translation, the translation of water equipment, large-scale shipbuilding work of translation, etc.