Performance Comparison Of Three Common Bearing Materials

Bearings are important parts in mechanical operation. The use of different materials will bring different performance to the bearings. Therefore, the bearings used in different fields are different, and their materials are also different. Understand the knowledge and share the performance comparison of the three major bearing materials.

There are three common materials for bearings: metallic materials, porous metallic materials and non-metallic materials.

1. Metal materials

Bearing metal materials mainly include: bearing alloys, copper alloys, aluminum-based alloys and cast iron.

Bearing alloy: It can also be called Babbitt alloy which mainly contains tin matrix and lead matrix. It has good comprehensive performance and low mechanical mildness. It is commonly used in bearing alloy casting on steel or cast iron bearing matrix, which is expensive to use.

Copper alloy: mainly contains tin bronze (suitable for medium speed, medium load or heavy load), aluminum bronze (suitable for low speed heavy load) and lead bronze (suitable for high speed heavy load).

Cast iron: a light-loaded, low-speed bearing material.

2. Porous metal materials

The porous metal material of the bearing is mainly made of powder metallurgy, iron or copper powder mixed with graphite and pressed and sintered. Used for occasions with stable load, low speed and inconvenient refueling.

3. Non-metallic materials

The non-metallic materials of bearings mainly include: plastic, rubber and nylon. Its characteristics are: small friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low load bearing and large thermal deformation.

Comparison of common bearing material performance:

MaterialCompositionPerformance characteristicsapplication
Bearing alloy (Babbitt alloy)Sn,Pb,Sb alloyabrasion resistance,heat conduction,good oil absorption,low strength and high priceHeavy load, medium and high speed
BronzeCu+Sn,Pb,AlHard, high strength, wear-resistant, poor wear-inHeavy load, medium speed
Powder metallurgy



Oil bearing, low toughnessSmooth load, no impact, medium and low speed
Cast ironHT,KTJournal hardness≯Bearing hardnessHeavy load, low speed