Oilless Bearing Mounting Notice

oilless bearing mounting notice

oilless bearing under the condition of fluid lubrication, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability. But starting frictional resistance is greater. The part of the shaft that is supported by the oil-free bearing is called the shaft neck, and the parts that match the shaft neck are known as the bearing. In order to improve the frictional properties of the bearing surface, the material layer on the inner surface is called an oil-free bearing liner. The bearing material of the bearing liner and oil-free bearing is collectively referred to as sliding oil-free bearing material.

Lasts 1, the drag force due to the extent of screw pump, for example, when installing oilless bearing in oilless bearing fit into the correct position to stop work, to ensure that the rings (washers) face rely on a hole or shaft shoulder end, neither packed too tight, nor does not reach the designated position.

2. The force of the force can be used as far as possible through the axis of the oil-free bearing, which requires the force point to be uniformly symmetrical and smooth, and to be applied by the sphere or parallel to the axis.

3. Avoid the force of the rolling body. The diaphragm pump requires the inner ring to be applied to the inner ring (inner circle) through the outer ring force.

Sound control detection of oil-free bearings. China's research on the vibration and noise of oil-free bearing is becoming more and more connected with international level.

The axial direction produced when the oil-free bearing is running, the bending vibration radiates to the space, causing the air to vibrate, and the noise is formed. Even without oil bearing rolling surface cleanliness and used lubricating oil is ideal, but due to the movement of rolling element and elastic deformation of the rolling element and raceway contact area, makes the oilless bearing will send out a continuous, mild, soft voice, the voice is the foundation of oilless bearing noise. This basic noise is inherent to oil-free bearing and cannot be eliminated.

oilless bearings allow a slight running noise in the work, and if the noise is too large or an abnormal noise or noise, the oil bearing has a failure. The reason for the noise of rolling oilless bearing is complicated. One is the internal and outer ring wear of oilless bearing. Because of this wear, the relationship between the oil bearing and the bearing and the shaft is destroyed, causing the axis to deviate from the correct position. When the oil-free bearing is tired, the surface metal spalling and the radial clearance of oil-free bearing will increase. In addition, the insufficiency of the oil bearing of ina oil-free bearing, the formation of dry friction, and oilless bearing crushing can produce abnormal sound.

oilless bearing wear loose after kuang, maintains a looseness damage, also can produce different self-lubricating oilless bearing ring, when the agency is running installation without oil bearing parts to allow a certain temperature, when the hand touch body shell, should not feel hot as normal, and suggests that oilless bearing temperature is too high. The lubricant quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, the oil viscosity is too high; The assembly is too tight (gap); Ina oilless bearing assembly too tight; oilless bearing ring is rotated on the shaft or in the shell; Excessive load; oilless bearing holder or rolling body broken. From peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear in the ina oilless bearing vibration measurement is reflected in the look, without oil bearing vibration on oil bearing damage is very sensitive, so, through the use of special oil-free bearing vibration tester (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency points cannot deduce the abnormal situation.

Because the measured value is different from the use condition of the oil-free bearing or the installation position of the sensor, it is necessary to analyze the measured value of each machine in advance to determine the judging standard. Because ina oilless bearing even with slight stripping damage, such as would an exception and irregular, and therefore with the sound of the measuring device can distinguish, USES the sound device, oil-free bearings in operation to check the size of the rolling sound and quality, have the effect of prevention in advance. If the oil hole can directly measure the outer ring temperature of the oil-free bearing, it is more suitable. In general, the temperature of ina oilless bearing can be inferred based on the temperature of an oil-free bearing. If the lubrication and installation part is suitable, the oil bearing temperature will rise sharply, and abnormal high temperature will occur, which must stop operation and take necessary preventive measures. Normally, the temperature of the oilless bearing begins to rise slowly as the operation begins, reaching a stable state 1-2 hours later. The normal temperature of an oil-free bearing is different from the heat capacity, heat, speed and load of the machine. When necessary, the working temperature of the oil-free bearing can be monitored at any time by using the heat sensor, and the automatic alarm door or the stop of the ignition shaft accident will occur when the temperature exceeds the regulation value.