Oilless Bearing Assembly Principle And Precautions

oilless bearing assembly principle and precautions
Rolling oilless bearing  with the main refers to the oil-free assembly of the inner ring and the shaft with the outer ring and the seat with the oilless bearing  is fixed with the copper bearing to ensure that through the match. As the rolling oilless bearing s are standard parts, so with the other parts with, oilless bearing  hole as the reference hole, the outer ring is the reference axis, with the code not marked. In fact the oilless bearing  diameter and diameter copper sleeve has a tolerance with a small negative deviation, and the general cylinder reference hole and the reference axis of the deviation direction, the value is not the same, so the oilless bearing  hole with the shaft Than the general cylinder of the same kind of tie much more important.
 Rolling oilless bearing s with the principle of choice of oil-free oilless bearing s should be based on the level of speed, load size, temperature changes and other factors to decide. With too loose, may be because of the inner and outer ring is too large elastic deformation and affect the normal operation of oilless bearing s, but also make oilless bearing s assembly and disassembly difficult. In general, the high speed, large load, the temperature changes in the oilless bearing s should be tightly coupled with some of the oil-bearing bearings should be removed more loosely match the rotation with the ring should be tight, Circle should be loose with some. With the oilless bearing  inner ring with the rotary shaft often used n6, m6, k5, k6, j5, js6; and non-rotating outer ring match the oilless bearing  seat hole often used J6, J7, H7, G7 and so on.
As the rolling oilless bearing  with the attention is usually tight, in order to facilitate the assembly, to prevent damage to oilless bearing s, should take a reasonable assembly method to ensure assembly quality, the combination design should also take appropriate measures.
When installing oilless bearing s, small oilless bearing s can be gently and evenly pressed with copper hammer with the ferrules. Large oilless bearing s can be pressed with presses. Large size and with a tight oilless bearing s can be heated and expanded after the assembly of pieces. It should be noted that the force should be applied to the assembly of the ring, otherwise it will damage the oilless bearing s. When removing oilless bearing s, special tools can be used. For ease of disassembly, the height of the oilless bearing s should be lower than the height of the inner ring, and the values can be checked for oilless bearing s.

The distance between the oilless bearing s in the cups is long, and the tapered roller oilless bearing s are usually used. The inner and outer rings are assembled separately and the operation is convenient. The diameter of the non-mating parts of the sleeve Slightly larger, both conducive to oilless bearing  outer ring of the load, but also reduces the hole finishing area.