Maintenance Of Composite Bearing

Maintenance of composite bearing

In the maintenance of composite bearing, we should do the following two ways to do the related maintenance work, let's take a look at the specific practice.

1. We want to do a good job of lubricating maintenance for it, we can put more in composite bearing internal corrosion of oil, after dried, can be on adding grease inside, so you can see that the inside of the lubricating oil is enough, so at the time of use, you will be more safe and reliable, and will not affect to the perimeter of the sealing ring, can work under guarantee bearings in normal work.

2. After curing composite bearing, we will send it around all clean, make sure that there won't be any dust and sediment in it, and we should pay attention to when cleaning method, don't blindly go to cleaning, so that is will bring some problems, if there is no professional cleaning agents and cleaning tools, so despite the dust in the above, we also do not want to deal with, this will only lead to more serious, the amount of dust above lead to more serious problems, affects its specific performance of the play.

You should know that composite bearings have a lot of mechanical applications. On the equipment of various kinds of machines, the composite bearing can produce the biggest performance, achieve the maximum economic benefit of automation and the efficiency of the province. The characteristics of composite bearing are lightweight, corrosion resistant, interchangeability and low cost. But there are a lot of people who don't know what kind of preparations should be done before the composite bearing is installed, and what should be paid attention to? Let me share with you the five steps of the composite bearing.

Steps for composite bearing installation:

1. Before installing the composite bearing, it must clear the edges, dirt and surface scars of the mechanical mounting surface. composite bearings coated with anti-rust oil, before installation, please use clean oil wash the datum after installation, it usually remove the rust easily after anti-rust oil, datum suggest using lubricating oil with low viscosity daub spindle.

2. Gently place the composite bearing on the bed table, and use the side fixed screw or other fixture to gently close the line rail and side mounting surface. It is important to confirm whether the screw hole is in accordance with the screw hole before installation, and it will greatly affect the combination precision and the use quality.

3. The positioning screw of the composite bearing is placed in sequence by the central direction, so that the track and the vertical mounting surface are fit together, and the central position starts to press the two ends to get a more stable precision. After the vertical base level is slightly tightened, the locking force of the lateral datum is strengthened so that the composite bearing can effectively match the lateral datum.

4. Use torque wrench to lock the torque according to various materials and tighten the positioning screw of the composite bearing slide.

5. Install the sub-rail using the same installation mode, and install the sliding seat on the main rail and the secondary rail. Note that after the linear slide is installed on the sliding seat, a lot of subsequent attachments cannot be installed due to the limited installation space, which must be installed in the attachment at this stage.

Gently place the mobile platform to the slide seat of the composite bearing main rail and the secondary track, then lock the side of the mobile platform to tighten the screws, and then complete the positioning.