It Is Important To Know The Little Common Sense Of Self - Lubricated Copper Sleeve Bearings

All of us know that the more you know, the better you will be. If you related knowledge of self-lubricating copper sleeve bearing all know, no matter self-lubricating copper sleeve bearing have any trouble will be solved. So we must know self lubricating copper set of bearing little common sense. Let's take a look at some of the common sense of agricultural machinery copper sleeve.

The copper sleeve bearing refers to the use of the type of air cooled radiator fan.

There are many types of copper set of bearing in mechanical engineering. But in the radiator Cylinder earrings copper sleeve products using a few: using sliding and rolling the ball copper set of bearing friction and two copper bearing method mixed application of three bearing sleeve. In recent years, copper set of bearing has been introduced radiator manufacturer's new technology. Such as magnetic levitation bearing copper, copper sleeve bearing, copper water core set of bearing and rich copper sleeve bearing has improved basic method of copper set of bearing. The Bearing steel operating principles remain unchanged. The air-cooled radiator usually USES a copper sleeve bearing and ball bushing bearing.


Ball copper sleeve bearing changed the copper set of bearing conflict method, choose the rolling friction. This method is more useful to reduce the conflict between copper set of bearing surface appearances. It has promoted the using time of the electric fan copper sleeve bearing, and will use full extension of the radiator. The defect is that the technology is more cluttered, which leads to the promotion of the money, which also leads to higher working noise.


Oil bearing copper set of conflict is to use sliding sleeve copper sleeve bearing, using oil as a lubricant to reduce blocking agent. The early use of driving noise production cost is low, but the copper sleeve bearing wear, severe gas dribbling bearing copper has a great distance. And the copper sleeve bearing long using time, the cause of the oil seal (cannot use computer cooling products top oil seal, oil seal is generally paper oil sealing), lubricating oil evaporate slowly, the dust will enter the copper sleeve bearing, and then the speed of the fan is late, increased noise and so on questions, strict at the same time, the copper sleeve bearing wear form fan sensation preference. These appearances, seals, refueling, or new fan screening for additional sales.