Loading And Delivery Of Bearing Goods In Rongchang

It has been 76 days since Wuhan closed the Lihan passage on January 23. In the early morning of this morning, Wuhan was suspended for 76 days and restarted. The airport was lifted, the station was restored, the highway was lifted, and the people were back to work. After the wind and rain, the sun was always shining. When the green climbed on the branch and there was a temperature on the road, Wuhan was again emitting a long lost smoke and fire. Wuhan was waking up a little bit.

Unsealing is not equal to unsealing defense, it should not be too relaxed. At present, the international epidemic is spreading rapidly, and there is a risk of imported cases in China.

Fortunately, the epidemic did not have a great impact on Rongchang as a whole. The production, packaging and delivery of the goods were all in order. This morning, our warehouse has loaded the packed goods, the progress of production and the speed of delivery will be as agreed. Customers don't need to worry about the quality and delivery time of products at all. We will do our best to provide you with a perfect service.