How To Improve The Accuracy Of Bimetal Bearing

How to improve the accuracy of bimetal bearing
Bimetal bearings in the host after the installation is complete, such as measuring the radial runout of the spindle, you can find the measurement of each turn have a certain change; continuous measurement, you can find a certain number of revolutions, the change will be similar To repeat. The scale of the degree of change is the "quasi-periodic" of the cyclic rotation accuracy, and the magnitude of the change in the quasi-period is large, that is, the rotation rotation accuracy is poor The
A factory trial precision instruments, the spindle with 6202 / P2-type bearings and its accuracy still can not meet the requirements, after the rehearsal and in the production of raceway to replace the inner ring, and the ball to measure the thickness of the ball to size Each of the three groups of each ball is separated by a distance of approximately 120 °, which reduces the weight of the shaft-bearing system by reducing the weight of a heavy-duty surface while reducing the weight of the shaft-bearing system, and the maximum three- Grain ball close to the equidistant distribution, but also improve the rotation of the bimetal bearing accuracy, so meet the accuracy requirements of the instrument.
     The current use of the bearings can usually be divided into flanged bearings and bimetal bearing; churning bearing and bimetallic bearing the principle of homework can be distinguished by the title to open, chase bearing homework when the collision is a somersault conflict, and bimetal bearing homework When the occurrence of the collision is the sliding conflict; somersault strength of the primary depends on the production and precision; and double metal bearing the size of the conflict depends mainly on the bearing sliding surface information.
Due to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, dust or air containing acid corrosion gas CO, SO2, etc., the equipment lubrication to bring a lot of problems, friction and wear serious, so far, most of the domestic enterprises still use the traditional oil, Grease lubrication, and in fact these industrial and mining conditions have been beyond the oil, grease lubrication range, prone to bearing and other friction vice bites or killed, causing serious parts wear and damage, often lead to equipment outage. In order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the original design requirements for the installation of multiple equipment gear repair, but also to invest a large number of maintenance personnel. Severely restricting the increase in productivity, spare parts and energy consumption is great, has become an important obstacle to the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and other enterprises have proposed to provide complex conditions of special lubricating material requirements. To this end, the research on mosaic self-lubricating composites highlights its own characteristics in material formulation and preparation process. The material properties have reached the international advanced level, which has solved the problem of lubrication under special working conditions and brought obvious Economic and social benefits. But because of a variety of reasons more domestic enterprises have not yet adopted, the above situation still exists.
Under normal circumstances, the factory is the brand of bimetal bearing have their own design of the external packaging design, and arrange the production conditions of the factory to produce production, so the packaging from the line to the color block are very clear, unambiguous, Part of the imported brand of accessories on the packaging is also dedicated to the protection of their own unique intellectual property design.
In the bimetallic bearing body will be printed on the brand name, label and so on. The font is very small, but most of the products are produced by the use of stamping technology, and before the heat treatment before the pressure word, so the font is small, but concave deep, very clear. The counterfeit product font is not only blurred, because the printing technology is rough, the font floating on the surface, and some even easily can be wiped out by hand.