How To Extend The Life Cycle Oilless Bearing

How to extend the life cycle oilless bearing

1. Oil bearing device oilless bearing

The device of oilless bearing is correct, affecting the precision, longevity and function. Therefore, the aluminum tin alloy oil-free bearing, the planning and organization department of the oil bearing oilless bearing should be discussed, and the equipment should be carried out according to the work specification.

2. Alignment and alignment

oilless bearing device, if not carefully tuned, the alignment can cause the oil-free bearing to be subjected to other load dry oil bearing oilless bearing, conflict and oscillation. These can speed up the use of fatigue and oilless bearings, and can damage the use of other machine parts. In addition, the addition of oscillations and conflicts can greatly increase energy consumption and premature actual risk.

3. Basic condition detection

In the application of time, the external conditions for the operation of oil-free bearings are often tested, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement, etc. These rule-based viewing will identify potential problems early and avoid unexpected machine discontinuity, enabling the production plan to be implemented smoothly, with progressive plant productivity and power.

Oilless bearing with its high rotation precision, good steel, high bearing capacity, no wear, high durability. Here are some experiences of static NTN oil-free bearing in the process of maintenance.

1. Pore throttling device: (1). The internal throttling is changed to external throttling, and the pressure gauge is added to the pressure gauge immediately. Make maintenance convenient, especially can be very easy to wash regularly, this is internal throttling device incomparable.

(2). The theoretical value of throttling ratio beta is 1.2 to 1.5, and 1.25 is preferred based on years of experience. In the maintenance, the geometric precision of the main shaft, the geometric accuracy of the shaft, the coaxial degree, the roundness and the taper are strictly controlled to ensure the beta value. According to the load capacity of the machine, the e value (the eccentricity of the main shaft and the axis geometry center) is determined.

(3). oilless bearing When the oil chamber is not mounted on the main axis, the oil column of each outlet must be consistent (observation method). If it is not consistent, the method to change the orifice diameter of the throttle should be taken to change its flow rate. For example, the oil column of the left and right cavity is between 20 ~ 25mm, and the diameter of the hole is 0.25 ~ 0.4mm. 3. Improvement of the oil supply system: in the oil-bearing system of the static pressure NTN oil-free bearing, the rest of the components have protective effect on the static pressure NTN oil-free bearing except for the coarse filtration and fine filtration. The oil supply system is improved on the basis of the original system.

(1). oilless bearing The outlet pressure relay and pressure gauge after the throttle plate (originally in front of the accumulator) will allow the operator to see the size of the cavity pressure and pressure. When the pressure difference is greater than a certain value, the machine will stop immediately to avoid the death of the bearing. For example: pressure 2MPa, out of mouth pressure 1.2 ~ 1.6 MPa, less than 1.2 MPa will stop.

(2). Add digital detection device: static NTN bearing spindle and oilless bearing there is between 0.04 ~ 0.05 mm clearance, during which the oil has a certain resistance, testing the resistance change, you can know the size of the gap. The principal axis is one pole, and the axis is another pole, which measures the variation of the resistance. After processing the signal to the photoelectric alarm and control system amplifier, control the start-stop of the spindle motor to avoid the friction between the shaft and the tile.