How To Do The Best Oilless Bearing Installation

How to do the best oilless bearing installation
oilless bearing installation, will you? Maybe you will install it, but your installation method may not say the best, the following our engineers to take a brief introduction to you, how to do the best oilless bearing installation.
1) Preparation of oilless bearing: Because oilless bearing are treated and repacked by rust, do not open the package until you are exposed to the equipment. Other, oilless bearing on the anti-rust oil coated with good lubrication performance, on the general purpose of the oilless bearing or grease-filled oilless bearing, can be used directly without cleaning. At this time oilless bearing easy to rust, not a long time to place.
2) Inspection of shaft and housing: Clean the shaft and housing to confirm that there is no scratches or mechanical burrs left behind. Shell must not have abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand, chips and so on. Equipment oilless bearing before the inspection of qualified shaft and shell of the cooperation surface smear mechanical oil.
oilless bearing equipment methods due to bearing type and cooperation conditions vary. Because the general rotation of the shaft, so the inner ring and the outer ring can be used to cooperate with the gap, and the outer ring rotation, the outer ring with the use of interference cooperation.
(1) pressure into the device: press the equipment generally use the press, can also use bolts and nuts, forced to use hand hammer when the equipment.
(2) Warm sets of equipment: the oilless bearing in the oil heated to expand and then equipment in the shaft of the thermal method can make oilless bearing to avoid unnecessary external force, in a short time to complete the equipment.
 The criteria for judging vary according to mechanical properties and importance, as well as the inspection cycle. If the following damage, oilless bearing shall not be reused, must be replaced. In the use of oilless bearing in the process, grease is very critical. If you use the deterioration of the grease, not only can not play the proper role, but also will damage the bearings.
The lubricating oil twist in the thumb and the index finger between the repeated grinding, the better lubricants feel lubricated, less debris, no friction, if the fingers between the sand and the like a greater sense of friction, then the oil Within the impurities, can not be used, should replace the new lubricants.
oilless bearing raceway sound and its control method Roller sound is when the oilless bearing operation, the rolling body rolling on the raceway surface and issued a slippery continuous sound, all rolling bearings will occur in the unique basic sound. The general bearing sound is the track sound plus other sounds. Ball bearing raceway sound is irregular, the frequency of 1000Hz or more, its main frequency does not change with the speed, but the total sound pressure level with the speed increase and increase.
Roller sound of large oilless bearing, the raceway sound pressure level decreases with the increase in viscosity; and raceway sound of small bearings, the sound pressure level in the viscosity increased to about 20mm2 / s or more, by the reduction And to an increase. The greater the rigidity of the bearing, the lower the total sound pressure level of the raceway sound. If the radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level and the main frequency of the raceway sound will increase sharply as the radial clearance decreases.
In the production process, many times found that the accuracy of oilless bearing will suddenly change, resulting in a lot of production problems frequently appear, in the end what is the reason? Today Xiaobian you with the black hand behind the scenes;
 1. The temperature is too high, will be an oilless bearing annealing, reducing the mechanical properties of oilless bearing; temperature is too low, thermal expansion value is not enough, difficult to assemble. In the equipment repair, the repairman sometimes due to oilless bearing heating is not enough, oilless bearing can not fit the correct position, forced to be forced to take down, thus increasing the labor intensity.
2. oilless bearing installed in the host after the end, such as measuring the radial runout of the spindle can be found in each turn of the measured values have a certain change; continuous measurement, can be found after a certain number of revolutions, this change Will be repeated approximately. The scale of the degree of change is the "quasi-periodic" of the cyclic rotation accuracy, and the magnitude of the change in the quasi-period is large, that is, the rotation rotation accuracy is poor The