Graphite Copper Or Brass

  1. Graphite copper bush or Brass bushing?This is a problem that the user that buys copper bush offten consults.Actually,graphite copper bush is better than ordinary copper bush a few.Why?

  1. Appearance:Graphite copper bush is based on high-strength copper alloy.That is solid self-lubricating lulaid bearings,better appearance.

  2. Manintenance convenience is different:Brass bushing shall be continuously or regularly oiled to ensure that no tiles are burued or locked in the oiled condition.And the graphite copper bush with self-lubricating mainitenance-free function,can be used in the oil is not easy,long-term oil or no oil environment.

  3. Different service life:In the same working environment,the service life of graphite copper bush is 2-3 times that of ordinary copper bush.

    In the case of the same of performance,graphite copper bush is better.Of course,according to the use of the environment to choose correctly.When buying,the proposal to let the manufacturer staff reecommend for you.