Composite Bearing Small Common Sense

composite bearing small common sense
Composite bearings are a low-cost linear motion system for infinite trip copper bushing and cylindrical shafts in cooperation. Because the bearing ball and the shaft was in point contact, so the use of small load.

The ball is rotated with minimal friction and the smooth movement of the high precision bimetallic bearing is achieved. Composite bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other fine equipment, as well as multi-axis machine tools, presses, tool grinder, active gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packaging machine and other industrial machinery sliding part. The

Smooth and friction. Grease smooth composite bearing internal write composite bearing into the anti-corrosion oil, if the oil is smooth, first with oil or organic solution to eradicate the anti-corrosion oil, air-dried and then increase the grease. It is recommended to use lithium soap grease with a viscous mark of N0.2. Smooth oil If the oil is smooth, do not remove the anti-corrosion oil, according to the temperature change can choose ISO viscosity grade VG15-100 smooth oil. Not supplied to the oil or oil from the oil hole on the outer housing. Because the ring will scrap off the smooth oil, oil is not suitable for non-porous with a ring bearing. Friction Coefficient Movement Friction Coefficient Scale 0.001-0.004. Because the energy loss caused by friction is very small. When the speed is less than 60 m / min, the temperature effect can be ignored. The friction force can be obtained by the following equation: F = ц. · P + fs F: friction (N) *: seal resistance (2 ~ 5N) P: outside load (N) ц: friction coefficient. With the bearing bore and the optical axis of the use of the co-operation. In general, the bearing can not be preloaded, but the high precision, light preload can be added to the bearing, but the negative diameter of the official service should not exceed the table data. The bearing housing and the shaft cooperate with the bearing clearance.

Bearing box.

Standard type with snap ring and fixed plate device bearing box of several methods. With the positioning screw device bearings will cause deformation of the bearing jacket, should be avoided.
Flange type flange composite bearings, with the cooperation of the bearing box hole surface accuracy should be accurate.
Adjustable (small opening type) bearings and bearing openings on the bearing straight, you can get evenly in the direction of the preload.
Large opening type If used in cooperation with the appropriate bearing, large opening bearings can also be adjusted to the gap, and even can be added light preload.

Precautions for installation When the composite bearings are housed in the bearing housings, the auxiliary work should be used to prevent direct striking of the end faces or seals. The bearings should be used evenly and with the cushion plate, Composite bearings must be shaft and bearing the center line into a straight line. If the shaft is skewed, the ball may fall, or the cage may be deformed, and the damage to the composite bearing may be distributed evenly over the entire bearing, especially when receiving an instant load, two or more Bearing. Composite bearings do not accept the rotary load, or can lead to accidents.