Composite Bearing Composite Bearings Have A Complete And Scientific Quality Management System, First-class Technology

composite bearing Composite Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of R & D-manufacture and service in one of the self-lubricating bearings, sliding bearings, composite bearings bimetallic bushings, composite bushings, graphite inlaid copper sets, Of the sliding bearing production base - China Zhejiang Jiashan. Through the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, with independent import and export rights, the products are exported to Europe and the United States more than 10 countries. The current products include: PTFE metal plastic composite bearings, POM boundary lubrication bearings, bimetallic bearings, bronze bearings, copper-based solid lubricants, such as more than 10 kinds of series of 10,000 kinds of products.

    composite bearing The company introduced the processing center, CNC machine tool milling machine and other advanced equipment, already have the ability to produce a variety of sliding bearings, such as straight sleeve, through the sleeve, push the gasket or other special specifications of the sliding bearings, composite bearings at the same time we also According to the specific needs of customers design and production, to provide customers with the best programs and the best quality service. Product application coverage: the automotive industry, construction machinery, plastic molding machinery, hydraulic components, agricultural machinery, office equipment, food and pharmaceutical machinery need to lubricate but can not or difficult to lubricate the various transmission parts.

    composite bearing With the widening of global economic integration, business competition from the product price competition to the quality and service aspects of the comprehensive ability of competition, for which we strictly control product quality, strengthen technological innovation, product 100% full inspection to ensure a high Of the product pass rate. Composite bearings have a complete and scientific quality management system, first-class technology, advanced production equipment and testing facilities. Our integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. The

  The company was founded in 2010, the existing staff of dozens of people, including senior technical staff accounted for 50 percent; enterprises have a variety of processing equipment. Production of dozens of varieties of bearings. Confluence of bearings through years of production experience and production capacity and production technology to enhance, since 2011, with the business development, product quality improvement and improve the service, many customers and consumers praise, more and more Domestic and foreign customers began to use the sales agent convergence bearing series of products.

Composite bearings with a complete bearing design, processing, testing and testing means and leading scientific and technological foundation, relying on advanced management methods and production equipment, excellent business, management and technical personnel, advanced production technology, complete testing means.