Composite Bearing Become The Key Equipment Lubrication Protection

composite bearing become the key equipment lubrication protection
Due to the requirements of the production process, some of the key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises in extremely harsh conditions to run. Due to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, dust or air containing acidic corrosive gases CO, SO2, etc., the equipment lubrication to bring a lot of problems, friction and wear serious, so far, most of the domestic enterprises still use the traditional oil, Grease lubrication, and in fact these industrial and mining conditions have been beyond the oil, grease lubrication range, prone to composite bearing and other friction vice bites or killed, causing serious parts wear and damage, often lead to equipment outage The
In order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the original design requirements for the installation of multiple equipment gear repair, but also put a lot of maintenance personnel. Severely restricting the increase in productivity, spare parts and energy consumption, has become an important obstacle to the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and other enterprises have proposed to provide complex conditions of special lubricating material requirements. To this end, the composite bearing for enterprises to solve the special conditions of lubrication problems, and brought significant economic and social benefits.
composite bearing factory is a professional design, manufacture and sale of composite bearing of the emerging enterprises, the composite bearing enterprises have been relying on mature technology, advanced equipment, perfect technology and testing methods to produce suitable for a variety of conditions under the conditions of self Lubricated composite bearing, the main products are: SF series of oil-free composite bearing, JF series of double metal composite bearing, JDB series of solid inlaid self-lubricating composite bearing, FB bronze composite bearing, is widely used in steam locomotive industry, Engineering machinery, water machinery, plastic machinery, printing and packaging machinery, such as the need to drive and can not refuel or difficult to form the oil film parts.
composite bearing are fine parts, so in the use of very cautious requirements. Even if the use of high-performance composite bearing, if improper use, can not achieve the desired performance results, and easy to damage the composite bearing. Therefore, the use of composite bearing should note the following:
First, adhere to the composite bearing and its surrounding environment clean, even if the invisible dust into the composite bearing, will increase the composite bearing wear, vibration and noise.
Second, the use of the device to be careful and careful, does not allow strong stamping, do not allow the hammer directly hit the composite bearing, do not allow rolling through the transmission pressure.
Third, the use of appropriate and accurate device tools, try to use special tools, try to prevent the use of cloth and short fiber and the like.
Fourth, to avoid the corrosion of composite bearing, directly by hand to take composite bearing, to wash away the hands of the sweat, and coated with high-quality mineral oil and then stop the operation, in the rainy season and summer should pay special attention to rust. However, under certain operating conditions, the composite bearing can achieve better performance in the traditional calculation of life, especially in the light load conditions. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surfaces (rails and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a smooth oil film and the contaminants are likely to be damaged. In fact, under the ideal conditions, the so-called permanent composite bearing life is possible.
5, the life of composite bearing, composite bearing life to the number of revolutions (or a certain speed of work under the number of hours), definition: within this life of the composite bearing, should be in any of its composite bearing ring or rolling Initial fatigue damage (peeling or defect). But both in laboratory experiments or in theoretical applications, can be clearly seen in the same working conditions under the appearance of the same composite bearing, the theoretical life is very different. In addition there are several different definitions of the composite bearing "life", one of which is the so-called "working life", which indicates that a composite bearing before the damage can be reached by the theoretical life is caused by wear, damage is usually not caused by fatigue, But by the wear, corrosion, seal damage and other reasons.