Common Application Of Manganese Bronze

Common Application of Manganese Bronze
 Copper is very close to our human relationship, not only in the natural resources are very rich, but also has a certain conductivity, natural and thermal conductivity, in many industries and areas will use Manganese Bronze, then Manganese Bronze What are the common applications, Xiao Bian to give friends say, the first is the power industry, power transmission cables, transformers and switches, connectors, etc., electronic production such as stator, rotor, etc. also need to use a lot of copper Wire, and secondly, the electronics industry, the need for high-purity copper-free copper with enhanced oxygen-free copper, integrated circuit with copper instead of chip aluminum as the interconnect line with the lead frame.Finally the energy and petrochemical industry, Marine industry because the copper is not only resistant to seawater corrosion, but also soluble in water copper ions, can prevent the fouling of marine life. This side of the agent said the red manganese alloy in the ship industry has also been used in the aircraft wiring and Hydraulic and other systems will be used.
 What kind of material is called manganese-copper alloy, it is a kind of pure copper as the matrix to join the other elements of the alloy, Manganese Bronze in the industrial applications are more, in the use of a particularly good conductivity, thermal Nature, ductility and corrosion resistance, in the electrical industry which is relatively wide in the wire and cable transmission process which will consume a lot of copper, in order to achieve the effect of dredging, household electricity consumption is also rising, in order to Satisfy people's daily electricity demand, in the cable wire which also joined the application of Manganese Bronze, with its application, people's electricity has also been guaranteed, the electronics industry is a very emerging industry, and Manganese Bronze In the application will also show greater value and the use of space, in order to obtain more application results. Plastic crusher manufacturers to remind you that the application of Manganese Bronze in life there are many, in different work Occasion, you can play a different role.
Manganese Bronze because of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, so in the production of generators, cables and switch devices will use Manganese Bronze, then the specific areas of the manganese alloy involved in it, Xiao Bian To give friends say, the first is the electrical industry, in the process of transport is the need to consume a lot of copper, which is used for power wire and cable and switches, transformers, etc., so the energy efficient and efficient copper winding transformer , Replace the old aluminum winding transformer, is a wise choice, followed by the motor manufacturing, in the motor manufacturing process, because the Manganese Bronze with high conductivity with high strength, so the production of motor stator, rotor and shaft head is very good. The last is the communication cable, because the fiber-optic cable current carrying capacity is relatively large, in the communication trunk on the continuous replacement of copper cables. Here electrophoresis equipment agent said that as people rely on the communication, the cable cable with copper cable needs Also continue to increase.