Cleaning Of Motor Bearing Knowledge

1. mounted on the shaft bearing cleaning and rely on a drench gun oil or oil injection method, oil bronze graphite bearings cleaned off easily after using kerosene with gasoline; hard steel lubricated bearings to wash off the oil, first with 100-200 ℃ hot oil baths or oil gun blast, then wash with gasoline. Must be careful not to use a sharp tool scraper bearings: the hard grease or corrosion, so as not to damage bearing rollers and slot position finish, wash the bearings with a clean dry cloth.

2. a clean method bearing in 5-10-minute soak in kerosene in one hand, pinch the inner ring, one hand and turning the outer ring, bearing on the anti-rust oil or ointment will fall off. Then put bearings in cleaner coal, with a soft scrub brush to wash, clean ball and crack the oil, graphite inlaid lubricated bearings in gasoline cleaning 1 times, out on a clean sheet of paper. Radial insert ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings clean ball, the Pearl, the inner ring and the outer ring off to clean.