Bimetal Bearing Maintenance Procedure And Judgment Can Be Used Again

bimetal bearing maintenance procedure and judgment can be used again

When the bimetal bearing are removed and removed, the bimetal bearing shall first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual amount of lubricant, and then clean the bimetallic bearing after sampling. Detergent is commonly used in gasoline and kerosene.

The cleaning of the bimetal bearing which are removed, which can be washed and cleaned separately, put the metal mesh in the container, so that the bearing is not directly in contact with the contents of the container. In rough washing, if the bearing is rotated with a viscous object, it can damage the bearing rolling surface and should be noticed. In crude oil, use the brush to go out grease, glue, basically clean, transfer to fine wash.

Fine wash, the import bearing is in the cleaning oil side rotation, and carefully wash. In addition, clean oil should be changed regularly to keep clean.

Maintenance and judgment of imported bearings

Judge remove when imported bearing can use again, check after the bearing cleaning, carefully check the raceway surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the state, the abrasion of cage, suzhou import bearing clearance whether to increase, and presence of falling damage, abnormal size precision. Non-separable small ball bearing, etc., use single hand flat end inner ring, rotating outer circle to confirm whether smooth.

Split bearings, such as tapered roller bearings, can be inspected separately for rolling body and outer rolling surface.

Large bearing can not be rotated by hand, and check the appearance of rolling body, roller surface, retaining frame, and edge. The more important the bearing is, the more careful check is required.

When determining whether the import bearing can be used again, it should be determined according to the degree of damage, mechanical performance, importance, operation condition and inspection cycle of the imported bearings in suzhou. However, if any of the following defects are found in the inspection, the bearing cannot continue to be used and new imported bearings need to be replaced.

(a) inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, and any one of the retaining frames have cracks or gaps.

(b) any of the rings and scrolls are broken.

(c) rolling surface, baffle, and rolling body have obvious abrasions.

(d) the wear of the holder is obvious, or the rivet is visibly loose.

(e) roll surface, rolling body with corrosion or scar.

(f) there are serious indentation or bruising on the rolling surface and rolling body.

There is a noticeable creep in the inner and outer diameter of the inner circle.

(h) apparent discoloration due to overheating.

(I) suzhou bimetal bearing sealed with grease, the sealing ring or dust cover is seriously damaged.

The hardness of bimetallic bearing is reduced by overheating, so it must not exceed 100 degrees. In this case, the axle must be suspended with a wire or placed on a metal wire, which is not placed at the bottom of the tank. Bearing to hope temperature (100 degrees), should be immediately removed from the tank, quickly into the shaft, bearing will be along with the temperature drop and shrinkage, sometimes between shoulder and bearing face, will produce gap, therefore, need to use tools, the bearing axis direction compression.