Bimetal Bearing Installation Methods And Precautions

bimetal bearing installation methods and precautions
How to install bimetallic bearings, some people will feel very simple, but some people will make mistakes, because some attention is easy to be ignored, it also led to the wrong start.

Bimetallic bearing installation method:

Bimetal bearings in the assembly mainly bear axial load, its wide range of applications. Although the bimetallic bearing installation operation is relatively simple, but the actual maintenance FB090 bronze rolled bearings are still often error occurs, that is, the bearing ring and loose ring installation position is not correct, the results of the bearing loss, the journal quickly wear The The figure shows a tight ring mounted on the end face of the JFB flanging bushings, ie, incorrectly assembled. The inner ring and the journal are in the form of a bimetallic copper sleeve. When the shaft rotates, the ring is driven and friction is applied to the end of the stationary member. When the axial force (Fx) is applied, the friction torque is greater than the inner diameter Moment, resulting in tight ring and axis with the surface forced rotation, exacerbate journal wear. The correct installation method is to loose, tight ring swap position can be.

Bimetal bearing installation should note the following:

1, clear the bearing ring and loose ring (according to the size of the bearing diameter to determine the difference between the aperture 0.1-0.3mm).

2, distinguish the rest of the body (that is, no movement of the components, mainly refers to the assembly).

3, no matter what the situation, the bearing loose ring should always be on the end of the static parts.

Above is the installation of bimetallic bearings and precautions related to the introduction, seemingly simple one thing, but also people often make mistakes. However, such mistakes we should try to avoid, because once the error occurs, the bearing will be vulnerable to damage, thus affecting the work. So, on the issue of bimetallic bearing installation, the most important thing is to remember the loose, tight the correct position.
1, from the friction loss point of view, as the bearing material friction coefficient as small as possible, graphite with excellent steel sleeve lubrication bearing show wear coefficient;

2, from the structure, the graphite is a solid material, can be no oil lubrication, reducing graphite inlaid lubrication bearing less lubrication system, thereby reducing the failure rate;
3, graphite has high chemical stability;
4, the price is cheap, versatility; if the metal to do bearings, according to the graphite bronze bearing you say the situation to operate at high temperatures, obviously not the ordinary material, with high temperature strength of the material needs to be customized, the price is not several times Ten times a hundred times is not necessarily able to do it, the first material is not easy to find.

If the graphite fell into the reactor pollution products, obviously the equipment is not done, the transmission structure to be changed.