Bimetal Bearing Are The Easiest To Fail

bimetal bearing are the easiest to fail

bimetal bearing at work because of journal and bearing shell exposure will clash, causing wear appearance fever, even "killed", so in the planning of bimetal bearing, should choose bimetal bearing material manufacture with good sex of anti-friction bearings, choose suitable lubricant and adopt appropriate measures for the supply of improving the structure of the bimetal bearing for thick film lubrication, etc.

1. Surface corrosion: spectral analysis finds abnormal concentration of nonferrous metal elements; The iron spectrum presents a number of sub-micron wear particles of nonferrous metal components; Lube water overruns, acid value overruns.

2. Corrosion of the axial neck: the spectral analysis found that the iron concentration was abnormal, and there were many sub-micron particles in the iron spectrum, and the oil was overspent or the acid value overran.

3. Shaft neck strain: iron spectrum has iron cutting abrasive or black oxide granules. Metallic appearance can be repainted.

4. Wear of the back of the tile: a spectral analysis found that iron concentration was abnormal, and there were many iron components in the iron spectrum that were abrasion particles, oil moisture and acid value anomalies.

5. bimetal bearing exterior strain: the iron spectrum has the existing cutting grinding grain, the abrasive component is nonferrous metal.

6. The tiles fall off: the iron spectrum has many large scales of tired and detached alloy wear particles and lamellar grains.

7. Bimetal bearing burning tiles: there are many large scale alloys and black metal oxides in the iron spectrum.

bimetal bearing under the condition of fluid lubrication, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability. But starting frictional resistance is greater. The part of the shaft which is supported by the bimetal bearing is called the shaft neck, and the part that matches the shaft neck is called the bearing shell. In order to improve the frictional properties of the bearing surface, the material layer of the material that is cast on the inner surface is called a bimetal bearing liner. The bearing material of the bearing liner of bearing and bimetal bearings is referred to as bimetal bearing material.

Lasts 1, the drag force due to the extent of screw pump, for example, when installing a bimetal bearing in bimetal bearing fit into the correct position to stop work, to ensure that the rings (washers) face rely on a hole or shaft shoulder end, neither packed too tight, nor does not reach the designated position.

2. The force of the force can be applied as far as possible through the axis of the bimetal bearing. The plastic pump requires the force point to be uniformly symmetrical and smooth, and the force can be applied by the sphere or parallel to the axis.

3. Avoid the force of the rolling body. The diaphragm pump requires the inner ring to be applied to the inner ring (inner circle) through the outer ring force.

After the bimetal bearing is installed in the main engine, the measured value of the spindle can be found to be changed. When measured continuously, it can be found that after a certain number of revolutions, the change will be repeated approximately. Measure for cyclic rotation accuracy degree of the change, change the approximately duplicated the revolution, on behalf of cyclic rotation accuracy "cycle", the value of the amplitude changed in quasi cycle, is the cycle rotation accuracy is poor.

Manufacture precision instruments in one power plant, the type 6202 / P2 bimetal bearing spindle and its precision is still cannot meet the requirements, the bold shaft neck and on the race to replace the inner ring, and the steel ball, the measurement of waxy secret, to size every three grain of a group, each group of steel ball are separated pick up close to 120 °, due to reduced a heavy processing surface, reduce the heavy blend surface, at the same time improve the axial stiffness of a pair of metal bearing system, and the three largest grain and minimum three grain of steel ball nearly equidistant distribution, and increase the turning precision of the bimetal bearing, and meet the requirement of the precision of the instrument.