Bimetal Bearing Are Commonly Used To Lubricate The 9 Major Methods

bimetal bearing are commonly used to lubricate the 9 major methods
1 manual lubricating oil
In the discovery of bimetallic bearing lubricating oil is insufficient, the timely use of oil refueling, which is the most primitive method. This method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil, due to negligence and forget the greater risk of refueling, usually only for light load, low speed or intermittent movement of the occasion. It is best to set the dust cover or ball valve on the filling hole, and use the felt, cotton, wool and so on as the filter device.
2 drops point lubrication
From the container through the holes, needles, valves, etc. to supply roughly quantitative lubricants, the most classic is the oil cup. The amount of oil drop varies significantly depending on the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the bearing clearance and the position of the oil supply hole. For the peripheral speed of less than 4 ~ 5m / s light load and medium load bearing.
3 oil ring lubrication
Can only be used for lubrication of the horizontal axis. Rely on the ring and can rotate the ring to the oil tank oil to the bearing. For shaft diameter greater than 50mm in the speed and high-speed bearings. Oil ring is best seamless, bearing width ratio is less than 2, can only use an oil ring, or need to use two oil ring.
4 Rope lubrication
With the capillary action and siphon action, the oil in the oil cup is led to the bearing for light load and medium load bearing with a peripheral speed of less than 4 to 5 m / s. Wick also has a filtering effect.
5 oil pad lubrication
Using the capillary action of the oil pad, the oil in the oil sump is applied to the surface of the shaft. This method can keep the friction surface clean, but the dust will clog the pores and cause the oil shortage. The oil supply is usually only 1/20 of oil lubricated.
6 oil bath lubrication
A part of the bearing immersed in lubricating oil lubrication method. This method is often used for vertical shaft thrust bearings, and should not be used for radial bearings in the horizontal axis.
7 splash bearing
By the rotation of the rotating parts of the tank and the splash of lubricating oil supply bearings, suitable for higher speed bearings.
8 spray lubrication
Lubricant lubricating oil spray on the surface of the lubrication method for high-speed bearings.
9 pressure oil lubrication
By the pressure of the lubrication pump to the bearing oil, the lubricating oil from the bearing out of the oil tank for recycling, is the most fuel supply, and the most stable lubrication method for high-speed, heavy, important bimetallic bearings The