Application Characteristics Of Copper Alloy Guide Bush

Guide column guide sleeve, mold guide sleeve, self-lubricating graphite copper sleeve take high-strength brass (ZCuZn25Al6) as the matrix, through the base inlaid with solid lubricant (graphite or molybdenum disulfide) as a lubrication medium to replace the traditional tin bronze copper It can be used in environments where it is not easy to refuel, long-term lack of oil or oil-free environment. The flange side can play a positioning role, or it can be processed with a positioning hole on the flange side for positioning according to customer requirements.

Application characteristics are as follows:

Ⅰ.Reasonable design and wide range of use. The bearing breaks through the traditional ordinary standard bearing, the diameter is consistent, the size can be changed reasonably according to the different use conditions of the bearing, and the diversity of bearings is realized.

Ⅱ.Superior drug resistance and corrosion resistance. The bearing can choose different metal matrix materials with the same performance according to the chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of the working environment when the bearing is used, and graphite is made by a special formula, which has a stable molecular structure.


Ⅲ.In high load, low speed and reciprocating motion, rocking motion and other solid start, stop frequently, and the place where the oil film can not be generated, can play its superior performance.

Ⅳ.Can be used without oil. The bearing utilizes the characteristic that the linear expansion of graphite is larger than that of the metal matrix to realize self-lubrication of the product. Therefore, it can be used in some situations where it is impossible to add oil and oil, such as food machinery, packaging machinery, etc.


Ⅴ.The low cost of use makes the product cost more competitive. The bearing simplifies the mechanically complicated oil supply system, not only reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment itself, but also saves the cost of equipment maintenance and energy consumption, and optimizes the appearance of the equipment.