Analysis Of The Types Of Composite Bearing

Analysis of the types of composite bearing
composite bearing are made of composite bearing and shaft contact parts, very smooth, common with bronze, friction-reducing alloy and other wear-resistant materials, in special circumstances, can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also known as "bushing", the shape of the tile-like semi-cylindrical.
Many types of composite bearing:
① can withstand the load can be divided into radial (radial) composite bearing and thrust (axial) composite bearing two categories. The following are the same as the "
② According to the type of lubricant can be divided into oil lubricated bearings, grease lubricated bearings, water lubricated bearings, gas bearings, solid lubricating bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings 7 categories.
③ According to the thickness of the lubricating film can be divided into thin film lubrication bearings and thick film lubrication bearings two categories. The following are the same as the "
④ According to the bearing material can be divided into bronze bearings, cast iron bearings, plastic bearings, precious stones bearings, powder metallurgy bearings, self-lubricating bearings and oil bearings.
⑤ According to the bearing structure can be divided into circular bearings, oval bearings, three oil leaf bearings, stepped bearings, tilting pad bearings and foil bearings.
In the rolling friction work under the bearing. Rolling bearings easy to use, reliable, start-up performance, high load capacity at medium speed. Compared with the composite bearing, radial bearings larger radial size, poor damping capacity, high speed, low life, sound larger. Radial bearings in the radial bearing (mainly bear radial force) is usually by the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and rolling cage 4 parts. The inner ring is tightened on the journal and rotates with the shaft, and the outer ring is mounted in the bearing hole. A raceway is made on the outer circumference of the inner ring and the inner circumference of the outer ring. When the inner and outer rings relative rotation, the rolling body that is rolling on the inner and outer ring raceway, they are separated by the cage to avoid friction with each other. Thrust bearings are divided into two parts. Tight ring and shaft sleeve tight, live ring support in the bearing seat. Ferrule and rolling body is usually made of high strength, good wear resistance of the rolling bearing steel manufacturing, quenching surface hardness should reach HRC60 ~ 65. Cage made of soft steel stamping can also be made of copper alloy cloth bakelite or plastic manufacturing.