​Aluminum Bronze Alloy Processing Matters Needing Attention

Aluminum Bronze alloy processing matters needing attention
Aluminum-copper alloy with high strength, low density, mechanical properties, toughness and good corrosion resistance and other characteristics in many industries have applications. However, aluminum-copper alloy also has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, high chemical activity at high temperature, difficult machining, production and processing complex, in order to ensure the quality of aluminum and copper alloy products in the processing process need to pay attention to the following points:
 1, aluminum and copper alloy heat conduction coefficient is low, the processing of heat in the workpiece surface accumulation, it is easy to make the tool temperature is too high to cause "burning knife", so it requires a good quality tool, and cutting line speed is low (low speed, low Feed). With the best aluminum and copper alloy tool, if not can also use carbide cutting tools, the higher the hardness the better, it is recommended 55 degrees or more.
2, due to the higher hardness of aluminum and copper alloy tool, the closer the texture, the better the heat transfer effect, so try not to use coated tools, aluminum and copper alloy coating and titanium in the coating "affinity" reaction, resulting in "stick Knife".
3, aluminum and copper alloy low density, low hardness, the material is cotton, easy "to knife." Roughing will only occur when the "cutting is not in place" situation, and will not happen "cut." In order to avoid "let the knife" size is not in place, aluminum and copper alloy processing and repeated processing, the margin as little as possible to stay to improve processing efficiency.
4, aluminum and copper alloy processing needs to do a good job cooling measures, must not dry cut. Small micro-cutting of the finishing work should pay attention. Small particle size of aluminum and copper alloy debris, in about two hundred degrees will be "burning", affecting the quality of product molding.
Aluminum aluminum alloy processing on the note, today introduced here. Aluminum-copper alloy is a more difficult to process the material, you want to ensure product quality, in the processing process will need according to the characteristics of aluminum and copper alloy, the correct selection of tool materials, keep the tool Fengrui, using a good cooling process, and strictly follow the relevant Processing precautions.
 1, aluminum and copper alloy in the automotive industry applications
Aluminum-copper alloy with a light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, etc., it is widely used in the automotive industry, the application of aluminum alloy is the largest car engine system. The use of aluminum-copper alloy engine parts have many advantages. Aluminum Bronze  alloy density is low, can reduce the inertia of moving parts quality, while the titanium valve spring can increase the free vibration, weaken the body vibration, improve the engine speed and output power.
2, aluminum and copper alloy in the aviation, shipbuilding industry applications
The aluminum-copper alloy is stronger than other light metals, steel and nickel alloys, and this advantage can be maintained at about 500 ° C, so some aluminum-copper alloys are suitable for the manufacture of gas turbine components, about 80% of titanium production for the aerospace and aerospace industry , In the aircraft body structure materials, aluminum-copper alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of fuselage, wing, skin and bearing components, accounting for a high proportion.
3, aluminum and copper alloy in the medical industry application
Human implants are closely related to human life and health of the special functional materials, titanium and human bones close to the human body has a good biocompatibility, non-toxic side effects. Made of titanium and Aluminum Bronze  alloy made of femoral head, humerus, skull, knee, elbow, shoulder joint, metacarpophalangeal joint, jaw and vasodilator, splint, prosthesis, fastening screws and other hundreds of metal parts transplantation To the human body, have achieved good results, the medical profession has given a high rating.