After Installation Of The Thrust Bearing Inspection

When you install the thrust bearing and inspection shaft and shaft centerline of verticality. Diesel copper sleeve is the micrometer is fixed to the shell surface, touch the head of the table on bearing Raceway turning bearing watch dial indicator pointer, pointer deflection, that shaft and shaft centerline is not vertical. Shell holes more deeply, it can also be used for test micrometer longer.

When the thrust bearing is installed properly, its seat of powder metallurgy can automatically adapt to the rolling elements of rolling bearings, ensure that the roller is located in the Raceway. If installed backwards, bearing not only does not work correctly, and the matching JTW self-lubricating gaskets be subjected to heavy wear. Due to the shaft and housing washers and the difference is not obvious, Assembly should be careful not to mistake. In addition, the thrust bearing ring and the bearing block hole should be left 0.2-0.5mm gap between to compensate parts, installation errors caused by inaccurate, when Center deviation of bearing rings when running, this gap ensures that its automatic adjustment, avoidance of friction and ensure it functions properly. Otherwise, the bearing caused severe damage.