What Is A Spring Steel Split Bushings Assembly?

If you are considering adding a new set of wheels to your car, then consider purchasing a set of spring steel split bushings. These are very popular on all the new Ford Focus, Mustang and Dodge Neon models due to the fact that they are extremely low profile.

Spring steel split bushings are made to offer the utmost in safety and performance. They are built with a steel plate which is cut to fit the existing stock wheels. Once the wheels are installed properly then it is time to install the split-bushing assembly. This allows for the proper fitment of the springs, thereby saving you the trouble of trying to install your split-bushing assembly on a vehicle that is out of alignment and does not have the proper clearance.

Spring steel split bushings are available at most car specialty shops and some tire stores. If you are looking for one of the best performing and safest parts on your Ford Focus, Mustang or Dodge Neon then a split-bushing assembly may be the only option for you.

A popular application for these split-bushing assemblies is on Nissan Alliance and Dodge Neon trucks. The split-bushing assembly allows the spring steel to be installed right into the axle. This allows for an even weight distribution throughout the entire assembly, which means the parts are not sitting on top of each other, thus eliminating the possibility of warping and grinding.

If you are considering installing a new spring steel split-bushing assembly on your car, you can find a dealer that has them or a specialty shop that sells these types of assemblies. In general the spring steel split-bushing assembly is very safe and durable and offers a very high degree of reliability and performance.

These parts can be extremely useful if you are installing a new vehicle. It is well worth taking the time to purchase a quality new steel split-bushing assembly that will save you money and headaches in the future.

The best reason to choose a steel split-bushing assembly is the fact that they offer a very smooth ride over long distances on paved roads, curbs, highways, and other surfaces. Split-bushing assemblies help reduce the risk of skidding on these surfaces, and they will prevent the metal parts from grinding and warping against each other.

When shopping for a new steel split-bushing assembly it is important that you find a dealer or shop that offers a warranty on the parts. If you find a shop that offers no guarantee on the parts then there is a great chance that you are buying a substandard product and you are likely wasting your money on an inferior part.

Choosing a good dealer or shop is often just as important as the steel split-bushing assembly itself. Check out the parts dealer's reputation and make sure that the parts are certified by a recognized third party body shop or organization before you purchase them.